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Got done by Mr. Plod this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. I was on my way up the F3 toward the turnoff to the Pacific Highway (to get to Sydney) and I encounter traffic. The slip road is about 500 meters away so I gun it up the hard shoulder when nestled away in the last layby about 40 meters from the slip road, and parked tight against the wall is a cop car. I see a copper nearly trip over himself to flag me down so I pull in and I am dealing with a cop who may have been molested by a CT110 at some stage because he was having brain spasms at having stopped a bike and couldn't bark the orders quick enough and was even interrupting himself. Anyway, I remove the lid, listen to why I was pulled over and said 'fair enough, no problem'. He then writes up the ticket and gives it to me, $179 fine and 2 points on the license. I was a bit surprised at the severity, but there you go. I also had wankers shouting and jeering as they drive by which the cops didn't pay any notice to. Doing the Lord's work I suppose. He then he proceeds to tell me that its ok for me to lane split with blinkers on, and I should do that. I asked him if he was sure about that, he said yes and then started to check my bike over for rego and anything else he could find wrong, which he didn't so I was on my way. I couldn't believe what he said about the lane splitting, but the next cop will say something different I'm sure. I have never seen cops there ever, and I am wondering if someone can dob bikes in and request a car be put there, kind of like someone dobbing a neighbour in to the Water Nazi's. Could they have been there to catch motorcyclists at the request of some members of the public? Do they do requests?

  2. You wait, the next copper will tell you that you shouldn't have your indicator on!!

    Still not quite sure what the problem with riding on the shoulder is, provided it's done at a safe speed and the traffic isn't moving.
  3. Traffic wasn't moving, and I was doing less than 50 approaching a slip road. I think I only said 2 words as the cop was in such a tiz to get me my ticket. I was half tempted to maintain heading and speed and just wave at him as I sailed past. That would have been funny!
  4. i discovoured, when lane spliting it was best to flash my indicators from left to right as i passed hte cars. left blinker flashed when i split a car to my right and vice versa.

    took a little practice but is very effective, and it lets the drivers who i am splitting pass know that i may park in front of them or my intent. i also did this past many a police car over the years. never once a hassle, but a few hard looks.

    feel your pain about hte left lane (hard shoulder) though. they dont like that at all. i got done once on the F3 when travelling in fog. cop stepped outa the fog or i should say... apeared at hte last moment from the fog, and gave me a good chat to. got outa that though... argued i needed the emergency lane to avoid being rear ended by a truck cause the fog was that bad. didnt get out of hte 'lost' P plate though. ahh... memories.
  5. I take this was in the 80kmh zone at the end of the F3?

    I just get so pi$$ed when I read these, I would plead ignoarant, and take it to court for the sake of maybe an extra few bucks. If you have a clean record you never know your luck.

    Have done the left shoulder a few times, but last time for something different did the right hand side - bit narrower of course, and helps being on a dual sport, and hope the cops aren't waiting in the U Turn bay :shock:
  6. Technically, though, the hard shoulder is there for you to pull over on AND STOP, for some reason, not to be used as an extra lane....

    Still, it's a nasty rap, and expensive :(.
  7. Ah but he did stop! :grin:
  8. Only because Mr Plod stopped him... :LOL:.
  9. Which indicator are we meant to have on when lane splitting down the middle? On your fine it should have your officer's name - can we/I give him a buzz to find out?

    I'm assuming the left indicator.
  10. Yeah lane splitting is one thing, riding in the emergency lane is another. Surprised about the severity of the fine/points, but riding in the emergency lane's hardly a grey area.
  11. Hazard lights?

    Yeah I'm with Loz, when I use an emergency or bike lane I know that if I get pulled over I will get booked. I consider it a tax but I do get to work quicker :wink:
  12. I knew I was in the wrong, and as soon as I saw them I knew that they were after motorbikes, otherwise why would they be there, so I also knew I was stuffed. I am pissed off at the fact it happened, and the severity of it. It wasn't like I was doing 150kph through a school yard, I just went up the hard shoulder at a sensible speed which I thought would have been safer than splitting. Oh, and I dont like cops. :(

    EDIT: Is there a menu of offences and associated fines on the police or RTA sites?

    More EDIT: Aha! http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/rulesregulations/downloads/demeritlist_dl1.html
  13. On the Eastern it is.

    Between 7:30 and 10:30AM the left side emergency lane can be used by buses and taxis. Suggested speed is 70kmh. Outside of those hours (like when the road isn't busy!) it becomes dangerous and can attract fines.

    I love consistency.
  14. Went for a ride over the range on sunday , came home with a fine of $179 and $77 for a worn rear , he asked why the rear was worn to add to my insult, oh the 179 was for rule 27, thanks for the rule book download link
  15. You should have gotten name or badge number or something so next time I get pulled over for splitting I can blame it on that arsehat.
  16. I hate "grey areas"......I don't know why we don't clearly know if we can lane split or not. Has someone got a link to this specifically?

    I took a gamble on the M2 the other day and went past a general duties cop car in the breakdown/bicycle lane. He knew I was behind him as i was unlucky enough to pull onto the start of the M2 right behind him in the morning peak. Took me about 10 minutes to work up the courage (and frustration at being stuck in the traffic). Went past at about 40kph, no issues thank god. Probably wouldn't have done it past a HWY Patrol car though.
  17. I never got his details or anything. He was giving me the ticket, I certainly made no arguement or issue about it, so I didn't see the need to be automoton arse about it. He wouldn't even make eye contact with me. I can't read the muppets writing either, though the amount owing is clear as day! His signature is nothing short of an 'X'. I pity the poor bastard that lives next door to him.
  18. You will find that a TIN is never "signed" simply initialled or scribed.
    But the offence code, date, time, and place of offence along with the amount will be clearly legible :)
  19. I'd just pay the fine. It's like being caught in a transit lane, we've all driven a car in one occasionally, and you will eventually get a fine.
    I am sure, if they wanted to get nasty, they could also add in overtaking on teh left for good measure, so I'd just let it lie, even though it's a pointless offence.
    However, teh cop may have been there to book cars that do that sort of thing, now THAT is dangerous.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. Dont bother calling then next time you need help. Simple.