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Got cleaned up today. Not for the squeamish.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by bretto61, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. I had finished my run. I was 30 seconds away from my shed where I store my bikes.
    I saw the guy. He came out a bit but saw me and stopped. I swerved to the oncoming lane to get around him. And when I was ten meters away he jumped on the gas. I had no time to go for his boot or bonnet where i could have jumped over. So I had no choice but to lay it down. Never my preffered option. Strait into his drivers door.
    Anywho on the table for four hours while they stiched me up. Bloody sore now the peth has worn off.

  2. Shit - oh - dear! That isn't cool.

    How's the bike?

    What's your legal situation? Do you have witnesses?
  3. erky-perky, who took the pictures?
  4. ohh nasty hope you heal up fast and back on a bike
  5. nasty...
    Hope you heal get over the pain quick....

    On another note, shame you wern't a part time cyclist as shaved legs has it's positives in times like this....
  6. Ouchouchouchouch dude... That sucks!
    <--- not usually squeamish but ugh...

    Heal up mate.
  7. Yeah lots of witnesses.
    His insurance has already rung me and left a message on the phone.
    Ah the CT110. Another postie came over, three kicks and it fired. Not really sure how it is. Apparently the bars are bent and snapped a foot peg off, crash bars bent flat. The gouge is where the heat shield on the pipe went through my leg. So it and the pipe are bent.
    I was on the table for four hours and had a very cute female doctor. She took the photo's. And no would not take one of herself :( I did ask. But I got her number lol woo hoo
    I've had contracts for the last two and a half years and this is the second T bone and one backed over me in a rush.
    Worst part is Aus post will make me work tomorrow as I don't have a replacement. And its pissing down up here. They will ring and ring till I turn up too. They don't give a toss about us contractors.
  8. ouch! heal well.
    It'll be interesting to hear the excuse for this one.

    out of interest, what were you wearing?
  9. please heal up, sending good vibes your way.

    keep us posted on your progress both medically and with this mutt of a driver...
  10. OMG - remember this from last year?

  11. yes, please heal well.
    as a matter of interest, what protective gear does Australia Post provide?
  12. To posites A helmet. To us contractors...nothing.
    I had my shorts and postie shirt on. Sidi pull on boots, they only go to just above your ankle.
    And yep to the above post from what I posted a year ago. Luckily I had backed off to about 60. It happend in an 80 zone. Nothing I could have done though. No idea why he pulled out when he did.
    Whether you like it or not. Or agree or not. This will happen riding bikes. Not my first time and I doubt my last.
    Would it make me think of stop riding @ 49 years old. Not a chance Nelly.
  13. hmm... his insurance calling so quickly makes me wonder...
  14. Drinky drinky...
  15. Sorry to hear... Heal quickly.... and hope it goes well with the cute Doctor!!....:)
  16. That looks really painful. I hope you heal quickly. Sorry to hear what happened.
  17. Fark, that takes me right back. Heal well.

  18. Thats nasty and never good to have any rider go down, good luck with the healing and everything.

    Good luck especially with the cute doctor, I know you just crashed but hooking up with that doctor = lucky MOFO. She can set you up for life dude, her salary can support the both of ya lol :p.
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    Owwwwwwch! Heal quickly.

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