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Got cleaned up and driver did a runner

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jabba, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. I got clipped from behind today. I went down and slid into/under the car in front. Both cars left the scene and left me stuck trapped under my bike. Lucky I had bike boots on as the exhaust was pinning my foot and has melted the leather. Many thanks to one of the guys that got out to help me. If he hadn't of helped me get out I would have had a badly burnt foot!

    20150624_155151. 20150624_155139. 20150624_155132.

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  2. Oh no JabbaJabba ! Pair of low life fcukers :devil: to not even have the human decency to stop and see if you were at least okay.
    Really sorry to hear this :(
    Not meant to sound as trite as it does, but maybe go get checked out as the adrenalin rush can certainly "hide" injuries.
    I take it no witnesses managed to get a number plate??
    Bastids...bad karma their way...
  3. That's a shitty deal man. I take it you weren't wearing an action-cam ?
    And nobody caught their plate numbers ?
  4. Sorry to hear hope your bike isn't to bad, what a couple of fcuken Aholes
    Kudos to the bloke who helped you, and as OldmaidOldmaid has suggested if you start feeling stiff & sore go see your local Dr
  5. That sucks some big hairy ones!! All the training in the world for riders won't stop someone else hitting them! Hope you're ok and your bike is repairable (or fully insured if that's your preference)
  6. Mate hope your OK as previously said be aware injuries can be there. What absolute pr! €$ hope the damage isn't as bad as it looks. They'll get theirs one day.
  7. Fcuk me, sorry to hear mate. Hope all goes well.

    At least the single sided swing arm still looks good
  8. No one that stopped got the plates of either cars. I've been to emergency and had the nurse give me a quick once over. I'll go to my gp in the morning, but considering, I am feeling ok. I could defiantly tell when the adrenaline had won off lol. I could hardly walk. I iced everything and have been taking it easy.

    The GoPro for some reason had turned off, flat battery, full card or just some random crash. Typical.

    In the pics the damage doesn't look too bad, but in the flesh it looked horrible. Radiators all bent up and all the other stuff under the front fairing got all pushed up into the forks. Had to pull stuff out and bend supports out of the way before I could turn the bars and steer.

    There people helped me move the bike and two stayed with me until the bike got towed. The guy worked at Lindt, so he had some chocolate in his car which was great. He also went and got me ice. Great bloke. The girl was so sweet, she went and bought me a bottle of water and a bag of crisps and in the end gave me lift to work, which of course was just around the corner. There are still some humans with humanity around it seems.
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  9. #9 paulbr, Jun 24, 2015
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    Hoping you and the bike make quick recoveries and someone saw the car that caused it. A bit puzzled the car you went under took off, guess too busy to think about anyone else?

    Are there shops or businesses where it happened? If so it might be worth asking around. Someone might have seen something but assume the people who helped would have been on top of it so did nothing.
  10. That is unfortunate. I would be furious if a driver took off on me. I'm guessing that the type of people who do that sort of thing probably don't have insurance/don't want to spend money. Either way, it is good to hear that you are okay :)
  11. Glad you're ok...

    What aresholes can do this?
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  12. Bloody hell that's a crap act Glad your ok to tell the story. Kama is a biatch. They will get theirs
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  13. I find it strange that the car in front took off as well, for they weren't at fault but must have sustained damage when you slid under them. Maybe both of the cars were in cahoots with each other ?

    About the action-cam, that really sucks. I have reliability issues with mine also, I now make an effort to check it's operation every 30 minutes or so.
  14. Bad luck.
    Good thing is you're ok, bikes can be easily repaired/replace.

    The sad fact is that most people run if they think they're in trouble.
    I've had my fair share of accidents over the years and none involved have ever stopped.
    That said there's always someone who will stop to help you out eventually.

    Might want to by a lotto ticket since you've probably used up your bad luck for the week.
  15. you mean carhoots
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  16. Some people just don't seem to care.
    They must be more important than the rest of us.

    I had someone run a roundabout on me last weekend. So glad I was in the car and not on the bike.
    I had my lights on as it was relatively early, but daytime.

    I was going straight through and they were turning left from the next entry to go the same way I was.
    So, I pulled over outside the roundabout to see if my car was still drive able, expecting them to pull up behind me, but no, they just kept going, like they thought the impact and noises were just some funny sort of lane marker and they hadn't actually hit anyone.
    The car following theirs were able to take a picture and send it to me so that I could pass it on to the police.

  17. Sorry to hear about the crash.

    Do you really think methamphetamine was a good idea?
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  18. Glad you weren't on the bike mate! I hope you/cops stitch those Fcukres up!
  19. They all do that. Welcome to motorcycles
  20. Sorry to hear about your accident. Some people are just mongrels! I wonder if the car in front even noticed anything happened, could've looked up after a minor bump but seen nothing in the rear view mirror and sorta gone 'huh' and driven off?

    Might be worth going back to the scene and checking for shop or business CCTV that may be pointed at the crash site. There may be some footage the police can use....
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