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Got cleaned up... Again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jabba, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. So yeah. Got cleaned up on the way into work again on the westgate freeway. Dude in a ute moved across into my lane and then the next. So 2 lanes in total. I couldn't swerve out of the way far enough. I hit his rear quarter panel, or more correctly, he hit me with his quarter panel. Not sure, but apparently I did some cool acrobatics and ended up on my back on the grass in the centre divide. No idea what happened to my bike or where it went. The guy who hit me stopped this time and had heaps of peeps stop to help, including 2 nurses! In hospital now with a fracture on my ulna and a pretty sore neck and back. Scans are all clear though, so once again I was mega lucky.

    Almost ready to give up on this motorcycle commuting caper :(

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  2. Farrk mate! Sorry to hear, good to hear it's nothing that won't heal.
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  3. Good news is my GoPro was recording.
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  4. I would have thought the good news is your alive and well enough to be posting here.

    Heal well and soon mate.
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  5. Glad to hear you're OK JabbaJabba .. I saw a red bike sitting on the grass on the way in this morning just after the Deer Park turn off with 2 cops keeping watch..
  6. good to here u will b ok & they stopped to help u this time
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  7. Sorry to hear about your accident, glad that you aren't more seriously hurt and hope you heal completely and soon. Hope the Go Pro captured everything and that the insurance comes through on the bike.
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  8. Man I want to see that.
    Glad you're ok
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  9. speedy recovery to you and glad you are not worse.

    Also would love that vid!
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  10. Bad news mate, sorry to hear it. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    You should be due for some good luck I reckon, better buy a lottery ticket. ;)
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  11. Bounce back soon!
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  12. The lenghts some people will go to, to put their footage on the net....! They sound like amazingly minor injuries, for being knocked off at Freeway speeds. I hope the recovery goes well.
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  13. Nooooo JabbaJabba ! So sorry to hear that you've been cleaned up probably even before your fingers from the last incident were fully healed! Geez. Get well quickly.
  14. Mate that is an absolute bummer, you're not thinking someone up stairs has your number. Get well soon and don't give up on riding you may regret it later on
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  15. What can I say, rottenest of rotten luck? Heal up and stay positive..
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  16. Happy you are ok Jabba (y)
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  17. I don't know you but I am glad to hear that you (mostly) ok. Get better soon!
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  18. So glad to hear you're okay, under the circumstances (saw the picture - you're not looking too hot there, JabbaJabba)
    Get well soon!
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  19. Sorry to hear that jabba, heal up quick lad.
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  20. Jesus wept JabbaJabba tattslotto time me thinks!
    So so very glad to know that you are not too banged up...I would say the pain meds will be like smarties this time tomorrow though :(
    I am so pleased/relieved that the guy stopped and that others were there to help you!!!
    Heal well and rest up.
    Only think about it all when you are well again...
    I hope the kids smuggle a chook in for you to hug :)
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