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Got bumped.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by solidsk8, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. I was riding down a busy street with lots of shops on either side and marked parks for cars. The car in front of me indicates right just before an intersection, so assuming they're going to turn right down the street on their right, I go to overtake around their left hand side. When I'm level with their car they suddenly indicate left and turn into me.

    As soon as I saw the left blinker go on I pushed left, but alas, they side swipe me; somehow manage to keep the bike from falling, get in front of their car and keep the bike sorta upright. I had just enough room to straighten up again and avoid running into parked cars on the left, so didn't come off - close one!

    Damage to bike: Exhaust dented and scraped and my shoe got scratched.
    Damage to self: None.

    Good thing I ordered a new slip on last week - should be getting that in the post today and from when I install it maybe cars will hear me, since they clearly can't see me, haha.
  2. Good on you for keeping it upright, BUT
    Mistake No 1 , you assumed that an indicator means I'm going to turn.
    Mistake No2 , you forgot rule No 1, every cage/truck/taxi is out to get you, so NEVER assume anything.
  3. Good work on staying up

    To reiterate what Bob said, I will repeat what my instructor told me: Never, ever, trust an indicator. It means shit.
  4. :WStupid:

    Hey, it's the closest emote I could find lol
    In all honestly I'm a big +1 for expect the unexpected and agree 100% with Bob and smokey on this one. Next time slow down and wait until they're well on their way, a few seconds of your time is a far lesser price to pay.
  5. Wow. You've got to be kidding. "Order a slip on"? You don't even seem to understand why you got hit...

    How about you ride around with a bell around your neck so that everyone can hear the special kid coming?
  6. lol :rofl:
  7. agree with the other guy....indicators dont mean shit.

    if some one is coming from my right indicating to turn left when i am at a stop sign, i wait til they actually turn left....even if the impatient smart arse behind me is tooting his horn cause apparently 1 second of his life is worth more than my entire life...

    dont trust anyone in traffic, its like giving them the keys to your life...

    furthermore, how many bike riders do you see leaving their turn signals on...this can be death sentence..

    & dont assume people have noticed that your turn signals are indicating e.g. turning right at a round about....i always wait & see that the car in the opposite direction is slowing down to let me through

    just my thoughts...
  8. bwahahahaha!!
  9. Intendicators?
  10. (off topic rant: I tend to call them 'confirmators' because people use them once they're already halfway through the turn or lane change...)

    Back on topic: while I agree with the approach taken here on Netrider of looking at how accidents can be avoided, and the comments above make sense, I also think 'let him who is without sin cast the first stone'. Have none of you *ever* gone to the left of a vehicle that is stationary, near the centre line, angled toward the centre line, driver looking right and indicating right? I know I will overtake in that situation.

    The cager in the OP obviously had a sudden change of mind at the last second and didn't look.

    I heartily support the defensive driving message, and it's possible the OP could have done more, but as I say, the message of the thread so far has had just a touch of 'holier than thou' about it...
  11. Bravus, if you had done something like that would you then go on the internet and tell people it was because your bike wasn't loud enough?

    Telling an idiot "there, there, not your fault" isn't kind in the long run. This one thinks his lack of intuition is a volume issue.
  12. Pro-tip: The flashing orange light means that the indicator bulb works.

  13. I'll go back for a re-read, but I read his post differently: that his can had been damaged in the bump so it was a good thing he had a slip-on on order already. Nothing to do with loudness averting the prang.
  14. OK, fair enough, he did mention cars hearing him as well. I read that as more of a throwaway line about the damage to the can and then its replacement, but ICBW.

    Point remains that extreme care and the assumption that people will (a) indicate wrong and (b) change their minds at the last second are required, and setting up better for this situation may have allowed avoiding the bump at all. But what I was reacting to was what seemed to be guidance for 'no overtaking right-turning vehicles on the left, never ever', which seemed excessive to me.
  15. OP did finish off his post with a "ha ha"... I read it with a humourous angle. And I reckon in some cases a loud bike does help with driver awareness.
  16. Every time I hear a v-twin thumping in the distance my ears prick up. Can't help it
  17. I think the point is that not everyone on the road will hear you, regardless if your pipe generates 150dB. Having a loud pipe is not a guarantee.
  18. Agree everyones done that its not really that dangerous unless you do it to a truck because even if they do turn left its a glancing colision.
  19. From me? HAHAHA

    That'd be a tad hypocritical. I don't have any 'expert' tips here either. Only the bleeding obvious: Murphy's law always applies.
  20. I know. My point is I like motorbikes. Loud ones too.