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Got broadband and a couple of minutes???

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by hornet, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Then go here;


    and download the 27mb Isle of Man promo movie. No, not the game, the actual race meeting.

    Amazing high-res footage of bikes and roads you'd worry about riding on a push-bike!
  2. Crazy Stuff!!!! Would be awesome to watch and be part of that atmosphere, but riding that quick on those roads that you're airborne... I think I'll leave that to the experienced!!!!
  3. Yeh, mad stuff..

    Gotta coupla clips of riders crashing in that race
  4. Great place, great vid. :grin:
  5. Great vid, hopefully be in the Uk in a couple of years, must make a point of stopping by the event, even if there are poms there :grin:
  6. Thanks for the link will get now
  7. Try for 2007 the centenary