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got booked

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by sly, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. The rozzas are getting sneaky with their undercover cars. The one that booked me was a silver commodore with flower sticks on the back windsheild! silly me overtook him where I shouldn't of :oops:

    16k bends up the putty road.

    you live and you learn...
  2. I guess you didn't see the warning thread yesterday :(

    Yes theres an operation going on. F*ckers..
  3. Jesus Christ, those two replies were quick o_O.

    Bad luck dude, shame you couldn't have been forewarned.
  4. I suspect anything late model and not driving dangerously is a police car nowadays, just better to assume than not.
    I've had unmarked cars try to set me up for a drag race at traffic lights.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. i was already there when prawns posted that thread.

    I found myself wondering whether it was all worth it, riding bikes i mean, on the way home. you know the amount of money you spend on bikes, points off your license, fun police on all the best roads...

    I've come to my senses now, but i did wonder for a while there. :)
  6. Unlucky. What did they get you for mate, speeding or overtaking illegally?
  7. Both! Overtaking on double white lines and speeding. 6 points goooone!

    Now that I think about it, i think they may have pulled out onto the road when they saw me a couple of bends back. And silly sly took the bait didn't he...

    How long do i have to wait to get the points back? Somebody said 2 years from the date of the offense.
  8. That's no good...I think it's 3 years :?
  9. 3 years is correct. 3 long years :(
  10. yeah, im the same, treat any late model XR series ford like its a cop car till i get close. things get real slow times since every dick and his dog has one, things might get a bit eaier when they reequip with the VE.

    bummer about the fine mate, didnt you see the rocketship innards when you were behind him???

  11. The silver VZ that got you is a dead give away as soon as you see it.

    Flowers on back window, light box on left side of parcel shelf, and 5ft stainless UHF whip on rear 1/4 panel.
    Can't believe you didn't notice.
  12. I hate the ones with radar mounted on the outside on top of drivers door. Have been done twice by the same thing. Now whenever i see a car coming towards me i am very cautious of my speed until i can clearly make out car..