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NSW Got an iRiver X20?

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by Bonk, Jul 5, 2010.

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  1. I have managed to load mine with a corrupted song, such that it is unusable and unrecognisable to my PC.

    Case, back cover and battery are obviously fine, if anyone else needs them: they are yours.

    Here is what the model looks like:

    Located in Seven Hills - Sydney, NSW.

    PM if you want it.
  2. no way of fixing it eh?
  3. "Try this: disconnect the player from the computer, turn it off, hold in the volume + button, and reconnect the player to the computer while holding the volume + button in. Keep holding the volume + button for an additional 5-50 seconds. Windows should eventually go into recovery mode and revive the player- it will pop up a window that says Found New Hardware Wizard. "


    there is surely a recovery method?
  4. I e-mailed the Aus Creative rep, and was informed that the freezing of the "Build Library" screen (which it does before startup, so it can do things with files) is "not economical to repair".

    No volume+ button, it has a rotating wheely thingy for volume, once it's powered up.
    I asked if there was any master reset thing I could do, but apparently there isn't.

    Sucks, it was a good little mp3 player. I'll buy another Creative, drag 'n' drop is so easy.
    Just figured if someone else's is still going strong they may be able to use my battery or cover.

    ... maybe I should take it apart and mess around with things I find, though! hmmm
  5. i wonder if a format of the hdd would fix it (thats if it could connect to windows)

    how many gb is it?
  6. 8gig

    I don't mind losing the data.
    Some sort of format or reset would probably do it a world of good; but it won't power up enough to even let the computer know it exists.

  7. might take it of your hands then, see if i can get it going

    u home most days? working hours
  8. No worries, it's yours.
    You have a PM.
  9. If Goz doesn't fix it, I will take it off his hands and fix it :D
  10. Goz is to busy having a wank with his gloves to fix it ( see members section for explanation):)
  11. glad u picked the winner then :)
  12. Goz I am sure you can interpret the following



  13. Sorry Goz, after I forgot it, I remembered to bring it in, where it sat for 2 weeks, until I looked up a fixit hack and managed to fry the chip trying to reset the memory.

    It's dead and binned.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.