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Got an idea, folks! CT110 as a stop gap?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by KadeO, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Yeah, the title isn't misleading. I had an idea today, well, more of a brain fart.

    Anyway, I know a bloke looking to get rid of a CT110 for a 1k and I'm leaning towards getting it for the funs this weekend. Isn't registered, but has a current rwc. Seeing as it'll be my first bike, it's cheap enough, and I've got a bit of money sitting there willing to be spent on a bike rather than another snare drum.

    Now, I'll soon be back doing the grain harvest in November/December, and earning a large sum in a small time and I'll be looking to buy a second bike then, (GS500 or similar)

    My question is do you fine netrider folk believe this is a good idea, or an absolutely awful one and should probably just shoot straight to the bigger bike? Reasons why/not?
  2. Re: Got an idea, folks!


    The cost of registration, transfer fees, plating fees, insurance (third party type stuff) won't be worth the time spent on the bike in the intervening two months. In QLD 6 months is like $230 plus plates, I assume it might be more down south. Up to you of course, but I advise against it.
  3. Re: Got an idea, folks!

    $1k is too dear unless it has just been rebuilt.
  4. I should have stated, it's had rego, but just run out. So all I'd need is a transfer and rego costs. But at the moment it's sitting yes-o to no-2
  5. Re: Got an idea, folks!

    Will you still get mail if you buy it?
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  6. Re: Got an idea, folks!

    i laughed so hard i snotted
  7. Re: Got an idea, folks!

    Just wait mate save your money on some mods for the GS500 or others lovely things like a good helmet jacket boots pants etc :)
  8. Some mods would be a good idea, already have all my gear (other than the gopro I might shout myself this week)
  9. Unless you want to keep the CT110 as a commuter and use the GS for the fun stuff, save your money.
  10. Not particularly, I'll probably end up using the gs everyday as the work in the harvest is 30 mins away on country highway.
  11. Re: Got an idea, folks!

    Maybe you like to burn money. Otherwise just be patient.
  12. Re: Got an idea, folks!

    Nah, dude... save your money for an even better bike like a CB400 or something that will leave you grinning for your entire lams period like an RVF400 if you can afford the maintenance. Or a pick up a modded-to-hell DRZ400, again if you can afford the maintenance.
    If you must get a bike now... the CT110 would be a good choice to keep as a back-up bike, something to not bother warming up when you need to blast down to the shops, take out to the trails on the weekends... But wait a while and get something better than a GS500. I'm not saying the GS500 isn't a very good bike, it is, but if you've got the money why not get something better.
  13. That's probably the way I was going anyway. I just suggested a GS500 as I do like them quite a bit. But in the same respect, I like the DRZ, however maybe a little big for my short frame. When I've got the money, I'll get quite keen.

    I am horrible with it, thought I was doing quite well until I decided to blow 800 on a snare I still am yet to get delivered.
  14. Re: Got an idea, folks!

    Hi there mate, I'm an ex Aupost worker and can say that while these little bikes are a hoot to ride around town they're pretty much useless for anything other than 50 or 60 zones. I got mine to 90km/h indicated... but that was down a large hill with a tailwind! Generally they're pushing it to get to 70km/h and 50 or 60 is where they are comfortable.

    If it is an ex-Post bike then it has been looked after, but also be aware that these bikes cop an absolute HIDING whilst in service. Yes, they get all regular maintenance... but they are also hauling around a 70~90kg rider and then another 20kg worth of mail/panniers/etc day in, day out, flat-chat all the time.

    For the year I was there I racked up 11,000km or so through my town, surrounds, and peoples front gardens. My bike was alright, but the cranks and gearbox tend to go around the 30,000km mark with Post use... which is why the Post sells them off after 3 years (30~40,000km).

    Unless she's a 'yungun' (10~20,000km) I would steer clear and save for something better.

    Also for that 1k you could pick up all number of decent bikes - check eBay! There was a GSX250 and a regoed XR600R going for a grand last week - both waaaaaaay more capable and reliable in general service than a CT110.

    Cheers - boingk
  15. Re: Got an idea, folks!

    Sorry to hijack thread - Where do you buy ex aus post bikes? pickles auctions?

    Also OP, I'd probably get the postie, maybe haggle it down a bit. You could always sell it after Dec and put that money towards a GS or something else. Doubt you'd lose much on it (unless it breaks)
  16. I should add it's only clicked over to 5000 k.
    I don't know whether to just bite the bullet and grab it for now just because, or just hold off until new year..
    I know at the factory I'm at now, a few guys have ct110's and have others (one has a ducati)
    In saying that, having three sets of rego, insurance and servicing costs every year or so would be a biatch when I grab the bigger bike.

    I'll probably change my mind fifty times before the weekend rolls around.
  17. I believe in Victoria that Pickles Auctions auction the Post Bikes on consignment.
    I think there is also a Postie Bike Club of Victoria or something like that. Maybe have a search for them and they may be able to assist with sourcing.
  18. Re: Got an idea, folks!

    As most have suggested..........

    Wait it out - you'll never get the money back.......and......I'd hate you to have to remember your first foray into motorcycling with a CT-one-ten
  19. Given it more thought, and I agree. While I am itching to get on a bike, I do want it to be a good experience to make it that much easier to get on each time.
    Now...to start searching. Roughly looking at spending 10k..
  20. Re: Got an idea, folks!

    Very sensible - you won't regret it.........

    For that kind of cash you really can't look past a CB400 or a Ninja650