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Got Accepted Into Uni!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Maximus, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,
    got an official letter today saying i've got a spot at the ACU doing Bachelor Of Nursing. Very happy about that. Now i'm getting one step closer to becoming a paramedic. The not so great part is that i'm an international student and will have to pay 46000$ for the course, so any donations or contributions are much appreciated :p . No but seriously i'm very happy, I wanted to do that for a long time now and now i can almost sense it or feel it coming. I know i'll be struggling a lot cause will only be allowed to work 20 hours a week and stuff but the end result really inspires me. Now for those who might have been in a similar situation before: will i get a discount for paying the whole course upfront??? i know that aussie citizens do get 20% off if they do but how bout the internationals??? any ideas???

    thanks for your help.

    P.S. if you haven't checked out a band called 10 Years-do it, amazing sound i recon.
  2. Hey congratulations you have done well, sorry can't give you any answers to the questions. Good luck and study hard it will all be worth it
  3. Yay Maximus!!!

    Good on you for going for it! Once you get started it's a berloody good feeling. I leave home every morning with a smile on my face :) Sounds like you will too. :)

    All the best with it and keep us updated. :)

    ps. $46000 is a lot of money - are you sure that's right??? :shock:
  4. Congrats with getting into uni mate. I was in the same position last year- planning on upgrading from nursing to paramedics. I ended up sticking with nursing and figuring i can always to the grad entry later on if paramedics is really what I want.

    I think that if you are an international you have to pay up front (per semester, not the whole lot) as you can't get HECS. I'm not sure if you get a discount for the whole lot in one go.

    Best of luck mate
  5. International students are where the universities really make their cheddar...no discount for you I'm afraid.

    Now all you need to do is move onto college and the greatest...and drunkest...times of your life will begin :p.
  6. congrats mate......it great when things work out.

    No idea on the fees side of things though, best of luck
  7. Geez mate. Just had a look at the ACU website and $46800 sounds about right for 3 years full time study.

    They won't expect you to pay for all 3 years up front. Most universities offer discounts if you pay yearly, maybe taking $500 off the fee.

    You might also qualify for a student loan, depending on where you're from.

    What has the International Education Office at ACU advised you?

    Good luck with it!
  8. Congrats on getting into your course!
    You can afford $46,000 up front? :shock:
  9. congrats

    cash in hand work... try hospitality best way to get money on the hush
  10. hi everyone,
    thanks for your support. unfortunately just got an email saying no discount for paying upfront but was worth asking anyways. no i can't afford to pay the whole thing in one go but my brother would be sponsoring me so i thought i make it easier on him. i know hospitality job on the side would do just fine. that's what i used to do my whole youth and i really don't miss it now but if it's gonna come down to that-no job is a dirty job if it pays the bills. so good luck to me i guess.
  11. \:D/ :woot:

    Now we need to CELEBRATE that with a :beer:

    and SOON!!!!

    congratulations mate. you deserve it
  12. Way to go Maximus. :cool:

    I loved going back to study as an adult- it was a huge sense of achievement.

    Enjoy! :)