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got a single carspot at home but have both car and bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kursed, May 16, 2007.

  1. What do you guys do?
    I just bought a place in pyrmont (YAY) and the parking situation is one of the mysteries I will be trying to solve once we get the keys in a few weeks - where can I park my bike? My girl has a car and obviously parking in pyrmont on street regularly is hilariously impossible so she will def get the car park in the security garage under the building.

    So my q. is what do you other city dwellers do with your bike at night?

    I have been thinking we can fit both car and bike in the spot as her car is small - or maybe find a spot iun the carpark thats too small for a car... but just right for bikes :)

    Do you get probs with doing this in your building?

  2. I have a lock up and I manage to just squeeze my bike in perpendicular to the rear of the car parked in. Pretty easy!
    It would totally depend on the size of the car/bike though.
  3. hehe me and my neighbour and dad have 6 (*edit, forgot his van full of wood lol) cars and one driveway between us, with the other 2 flats there's 9 cars. but we're in a dead end st so don't have your problem.

    it would depend on the size of your building and/or the entrance but i'm sure there's a spot near a pylon or something. if it's a smallish secure garage with an electronic gate, does it open all the way?? if not you might find a nifty little spot to tuck it away, in line with the bit that pokes out
  4. nah mate, 1/2 an acre and a double garage all is good at my house! When I lived in Surrey Hills in Sydney my flatmate used to park his bike [fatboy] on the verandah of our terrace. Didn't stop it getting knocked off once though!

    After he had raised the cash to buy another one he insisted on parking it in the hallway, PIA that was.
  5. +1. This works well for me, but it is a smallish car and a rather large space.
  6. Fiting many bike in a single car space, with a car!!

    Hey there,

    I have two bikes and a car in a single car space plus the car and all fit well. The secret is line up the bikes at 90 degrees (side ways) to the space using either a sports stand or having the bike lean towards your car (kick stand to the vehicle) This lets the handle bars go over the bonnet and lets your car (nose) make use of the space created by the lean angle. You do need to know where to stop driving forward less you bump your baby.

    Mind you I have a small car :grin:
  7. When we bought the current house, one of the requirements was for offstreet parking for 4 cars - without having to move any other car, and a 3 car 'workshop' with a separate street entrance.
    What we got was offstreet parking for 8 cars, with the 3 car workshop and a separate entrance.

    When all the kids are home, or we have a party, we can fit even more in!.

    Gotta have space!
  8. LOL

    Pyrmont . . . together with Glebe, the smash and grab capital of Sydney !

    Make it a priority to have all vehicles indoors !!!
  9. my bike goes along the back of the car, and gets chained to the car. Possibly almost as good as a locked garage in terms of carry it away safety in sydney.
  10. Easy! The bikes go in the garage and the car in the drive way......I should really sell the car....I never use it. Or maybe my second bike as I never use it.
  11. I resemble that remark...in both ways! :LOL:

    It's amazing the spaces you can get the bike into. You should have no problem fitting both the car and bike in the one spot. Sverre would have his right behind his car on their driveway.

    When building started on their extension, both his car and bike fitted in their neighbours garage. (well, would have if he could move her stuff and have the car just that *little* bit further up - damn woman wanting to actually use HER garage for stuff :p)

    But yeah, you should have no worries getting both in the carpark, unless the space is ridiculously small :)
  12. well mostly it goes under the pergola, all chained up etc, but when i go away I'm fortunate enough to have double doors (the handlebars are about 1100mm which is alot wider than you standard 820mm door) from my pergola to my kitchen, so it lives in the kitchen. if i lived in the city, i'd probably sell my bike and buy a mid sized sports bike, i cant see myself owning a car anytime soon.
  13. No problem here... got 2 cars, caravan, boat and 3 motorbikes...

    We do have a double garage on the house and a second colorbond triple garage though :LOL:
  14. Bike wins, car should be sold. I've got 4 bikes and 2 cars. Cars go in the street, if they didn't fit there, they'd go to the tip. :grin:
  15. Straight through the front door and into the loungeroom. Better to watch than the shit thats on TV these days. :p
  16. I have 1/2 garage where I park the scooter and a double carport for our cars.

    I usually park the KLE parallel to the rear bumper of my car. Never had a problem with my wife's car going in and out and as my car isn't used very often the bike is out of the way.

  17. Hear Hear to that :!:

  18. agreed, i used to live in a unit that had a lift from the carpark to my unit, i used to take my mountain bike up in the lift.

    WHy not try that with your bike :LOL:
  19. I can fit the bike next to the car in the garage, it is a bit of a tight squeeze but all good.
  20. ummm is there a choice? car and bike had a fight about this when the bike first came home but it is all resolved now.....

    i have a bikeport not a carport.

    bike in the bikeport, car on the street.......