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Got a second Bullsh!t ticket from Eastwood (Syd.) police.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Riding down Blaxland road this morning and there's a line of traffic in the right lane, turning right onto Balaclava road.

    What I normally do is find a spot near the front of the cue and slot in, as do most riders. I don't really like doing it here, but it really is safer than sitting in the cue, as it's a pretty mad intersection.

    So, similar thing this morning, except the traffic starts moving as I get to the front, so I slot in behind the two cars who have started moving. As I turn right a cop jumps out in front of me and waves me off into a side road.

    The ticket they give me is something like, "turn right from the left lane". The bullshit bit is that I didn't, I just merged late. You could argue the maneuver wasn't safe, but I though it was safe enough.

    I think the cop that jumped out in front of me may have been the same one that gave me the other ticket. The cock seemed to take pleasure out of the fact he had got another bike.

    The thing is I have been taking it easy through Eastwood since I got the other ticket, under the suspicion there was at least one knuckle dragger there who has it in for bikes.

    both tickets should have been a warning and both were on the borderline of being flase.
  2. Damn that sucks!

    So you had to pull over? couldn't pretend you couldn't see him?
  3. Basically jumped in front of me in his excitement. He looked like he had just won the grand final because he nabbed a bike.

    The other cop that wrote out the ticket and the other one that spoke to me looked like they wouldn't have given me a ticket for doing it themselves, but obviously the other knuckle dragger was more senior.
  4. damn........now i know why you got that picture underneath your name......its another one of those moments :cry:
  5. Re: Got a second Bullsh!t ticket from Eastwood (Syd.) police

    Write them a "I think this is not correct" letter and indicate that you may (not will) challenge the ticket.
    See what happens. Often if they are borderline the prosecutions dept. will cancle the ticket. Worth a letter.
  6. Yeah considering it.

    I talked my way out of a speeding fine a couple of years back and that's on my record. and then theres the other ticket I got a couple of months ago, so I don't like my chances of them being lenient.

    I'm thinking of writing to the station commander too. It wont get me off the ticket, but the impression I get is they don't like cowboys in the NSW police force anymore. So it may get the cop in a bit of trouble.
  7. So he just jumped out in front of you to stop in the middle of a busy traffic. That's much safer than you splitting to the front. :roll:
  8. So did you actually merge into the lane before the corner? Or did you turn after the line at the front of the intersection?
  9. Though if the earlier tick was just as much BS, it would be safe to state that you didn't bring it up that time but seeing they are making a habit of issueing the same garbage tickets you are going to take matters up.

    Also could be worth finding out who the issueing officer on the earlier ticket was (Check if it is the same tossbag)

    Also note that either you were in the lane, or if you were next to a car how could he identify weather you were in the lane or not, because while standing on the footpath he would have a car obscuring his view.
  10. If that cop wasn't wearing a fluoro vest or waving a light, the first thing I would have done is gone bananas at him;
    What the hell are you doing on the road?
    No, you're a pedestrian - you don't have a light or a safety vest - what if I didn't see you? What if I swerved? What if I crashed the bike into the gutter? What if I broke my leg? What then?

    Sucks about the ticket. Definitely contest it if you've got a witness... or a good mate who can be a convincing one ;)
  11. There was a car and a truck in front of me, before I turned.
  12. Well if you actually made it entirely into the turning lane before turning then the charge is totally bogus and you would have no trouble contesting it I reckon. I certainly wouldn't take that sort of sh#t from some badge with a complex.
  13. I am thinking about contesting it.

    They were there again this morning. I don't think the knuckle dragger was there however.

    A guy on a bike ahead of me pulled in about as late as I did yesterday and they didn't pull him over.

    I got in a few cars further back.

    The stupid thing is the intersection should be set up so you can turn right from the left hand lane as so many people turn right there and not many go straight ahead.
  14. Actually now thats an avenue. If the police were not wearing approved reflective vests (in Vic anyway) they are technically in breach of the workcover legislation, regarding unsafe workplaces etc. Write a letter to Workcover, if its the same as Vic, they HAVE to investigate.....:)
  15. Probably not going to help with your tickets... but definate satisfaction value in it