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Got a scare from a GPX....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. I was on monash fwy heading out bound from Melb. I was on abt 2:45 and the traffic was pretty crap. Lots of trucks on the fwy. When I first got on I saw 2 bikes just lane split past me. I jus sat there going with the traffic saying im not going to do that jus yet. Dont feel confident enough.... I jus sat in the middle lane flowing with the traffic when suddenly a black wit green strip GPX pulled up next to me in my lane. I was like "what the....!!!". I wasnt expecting to c any1 beside me. So I thought wad ever and gave him abit of rm and jus keep goin with the traffic and jus keep an eye out. I knew he was jus hanging around me so I jus kept riding as usual.

    Prob jus another day of riding. The person on the GPX had a matching helmet to the bike black/green and a tinted visor...
  2. I prefer to slot in near a bike than near a car.

    When splitting, you just have to watch for other bikes that might decide to start splitting, and if you're about to split you should check that no one else is too.
  3. Dont know about your riding, but there is something wrong with your keyboard :?
  4. It wasn't me - I promise.
  5. ...i barely noticed the sms / msn speak... I'm using both WAAAAY too much! LOL

    Chill bro, the GPX infringed on good ettiquette but didn't put you in danger.

    Why didn't he just split past you??? :?

  6. Did you give him the high 5 at the traffic lights?
  7. I dunno,,,I think he likes me.... :roll:

    I kinda cant,,, its on the fwy,, and went i came off the fwy he continued on (I think).