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Got a new motorbike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tmg, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. A little while back I told ya'all that I was getting my dads motorbike off him. Well, I have and have been busily stripping it down and have recently sent the frame, swing-arm and stands to the powder coaters to be powdercoated .

    ^^^ My Dads Motorbike^^^ - Now mine

    But while was/is happening, I was surfing Ebay for parts, when I came accross a fully working bike which is exactly the same as mine, so I contacted the guy who owned it and asked if I could have a look at it in person.

    On Saturday just gone (2nd December), my Dad and I headed on down to the morayfield BP South Servo and met with the owner who presented to us the motorbike in the back of his ute.

    He unloaded it and I had a sit on it and he started it up for me to listen to the engine, as he explained what parts were in need of attention. Nothing is wrong with the engine - except the Rocker Gasket needs replacing (easy), and just a good check over all the other parts which the bike shop can take care of.

    The guy then offered for me to take it for a squirt, and I thought "ok, just around the carpark". So I took it around there and came back, but my dad said "nah! take it up the highway ya mongchop!", I was a little nervy at first, as I am used to riding with all the gear, and at the time was only in a shirt, jeans and shoes and was borrowing my dads helmet.

    It feels very different when you're on your own on a motorbike compared to riding in a group, and that was what made me nervy......but it all changed when I gave it a fist-full ......

    ......First...Second...Third...Fourth...Fifth...Each gear change unearthed more power, the bike lept forward with each click-up of the selector shaft, I was floating, the bike charged forth from the on ramp onto the bruce highway, I looked down at the speedo - 100km/h, but what an exilerating 100km/h! Legs gripping the tank, arms relaxed but controlled and attention focused on the task at hand as I sped onward.

    Taking the next exit to come back around and back past the two BP servos delivered more of the same exileration and then I took the turn-off immediately after BP north to once again come back around to head back to BP south to meet up again with my Dad and the seller, Mick. I pulled in to the BP, changed down and rolled to a stop at the back end of the ute where the bike had made the first part of its journey. I was sold...I wanted this bike so badly, so then and there I made the decision to buy it.

    ^^^ My New Motorbike ^^^

    So here it is, as it is, for your viewing. I am very blessed to have this bike, it has come along at exactly the right time. As far as I'm concerned, this is my birthday and christmas presents all in one!
  2. Congrats. Its nice when all the pieces (no pun intended) fall into place at the right time.
  3. Yeah I'll still be workin on getting my dads bike fixed up, I am planning on getting both painted at the same time by my dad coz he used to be a Panel Beater and he can get 2-pak paint and primer for a good price and he has a compressor and really good spray guns and I am gonna help him with the prepping and maaaaybe the painting too.

    A good mate of mine wants to buy my dads bike when it's done, but he'd like it to be 900cc, but I'm not really sure I can get that done any time soon, so I am gonna get a 750cc engine for it and get it going as well. That size displacement would keep anyone happy, especially me :grin:

    BTW, I saw a bike like this a few days ago on ebay, with ventilated brake discs....can CBR discs fit?