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Got a new bike :-)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. Hi gang.
    Just thought I would share my joy..: :)

    I've traded in the FJR on a brand spanks new 06 "Blackbird"..
    (Silver and charcoal color)

    Very impressive bike - a strong amount of power, and pretty good handling..although after the FJR lounge chair ride, the body has to get used to the more sporty ride position of the Bird. :)

    Now for a new Login name...mmmm.

  2. Congrats... :grin:

    Nothing puts a smile on your face quicker than a new bike :grin:

  3. woohooo congrats on the new ride.... post some pics please ;)
  4. congratulations mate! i know the joy of getting another bike, i got my early girl gsxr750 and i loveeeeeeeee it, told everyone i knew (didn't take long dont know many people) hehe :)
  5. I should make a special mention for "Geoff Taylor Motorcycles", who did a fair-minded deal for me on the trade-in.
    Their service and parts guys have been SPOT-ON for customer service, and looking after the old FJR - I won't be taking the new Balckbird anywhere else! :)

    Note: These guys are now on the Netrider Discount list...so don't be afraid to drop in there and get a taste for how they operate. (Milaeage can always vary) But I highly recommend this dealership from my own excellent experiences over the past 18mths or so.
  6. congratulation. i couldn't stop giggling when i got my bike :grin:
  7. Jgm - excellent choice - I should get the new 'bird (silver too!!!) next weekend!!!
  8. Interesting, I would have thought the progression goes from CBRxx --> FJR not the otherway around.

    I test rode the CBRxx great pillion mile-eater but never really entertained NOT getting the 'Busa...just had be sure before the bux went down.
  9. onya JGM - the bird's the w3rd !
  10. john
    well done !!!!
    i thought you were going after the zx14
    enjoy it
  11. Hey mate, congratulations yes a fantastic bike to ride! :grin:

    Post some pics - Show 'er off! :p
  12. Yeah, I was Dennis, but very pricey for me mate, and then the kwak dealer put me off wanting one, by offering me 10grand on my 05 FJR in immac condition, while trying to convince me what a big favor he was doing me with THAT price...stupid Ass...so I went back to the people I knew, rode the Bird and loved it enough to buy it, AND got a fair deal. :)
  13. Nice one John.... for a Honda :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :wink:
  14. ahahahaha...g'day Nobby...well it's a dirty job mate, but someone has to own them Honda's... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. **** that looks awesome mate. What a bike! :grin:
  16. thats a very nice looking ride
    have fun and enjoy :)
  17. ohhh so shiny & pretty :p can i walk around, running my hand over ever so lighty ? :LOL:

    Very nice indeed. Enjoy
  18. Wow...
    They are a nice looking machine, makes me want one after looking at the picture you have.

    Hmmm, I think there must be room for one more in the garage,
    "Dear" can I park you car out on the road for a while!!

    Enjoy the new ride, might see you up in the Hills one day soon.