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Got a new bike, WR400!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by matty__, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Only ever ridden a few xr250's here and there and wanted a moto for a while, when i saw and read about the WR400's I thought, I have to get me one of those. So after about 3 months in searching back and fourth between which bikes i was going to get, I test rode this one and fell in love :p

    Its a WR400F, 1999 model, and i picked it up for a nice price tag of $3000 and only 3500kms. Mostly on road use.

    I am still fairly new to the world of moto's and would like to hear some tips from the netriders here in maintaining the bike. E.g. How often to give an oil change, oil filter change, etc stuff like that.

    But lastly i just want to say, I absolutely LOVE IT. Awesome bike to ride around the trails with alot of power...and its not too bad on the road either.

    Thanks fellas! Glad to be finally apart of the bike world :grin:

  2. Congrats on the ride

    There are better Forums around for dirt bike questions. One of the biggest I visit is www.thumpertalk.com - seems to cover every bike.

    Enjoy the bike
  3. Nice bike mate, now how much was that Supermoto conversion kit! :LOL:

    I like it.
  4. Nice bike even better price tag, but if going to be a road warrior i'd def go the motard convesion you will never go back trust me...

    Service is pretty tight on any top moto oil change i would be doing every 1000 km max, regulary check spark plugs, and general service about evey 1000 to 3000km depending on where your are riding.

    My Aprilia has a full service evey 30hrs.
  5. Not necessary to do oil that frequently, this 4 stroke Yamaha motor can easily do 6K between oil changes, as long as not ridden too much in adverse conditions.
  6. I tend to agree with zxsixr on this one. Id be doing my changes every 1500 and checking my valves too. If you want to get long life out of a short stroker you really need to take care of em.
  7. No way. I do oil changes on my XT6 every 3000kms at most. any longer and you definitely start to feel the engine underperform. the WR400 is a much higher performance engine, so 1500kms sounds like a pretty reasonable service interval to me.

  8. 6000 k's is a joke. I change mine no more than every 1000k's on the road and after every race/track day. Keep your air filter clean, and check those valve clearances. Simple and cheap but I hope you like doing maintenance! :D

    The WR's had a few problems going back to their 400 days. You should be able to find an online resource outlining the easy fixes to bring your steed up to scratch with the later models (reliability mainly). ADB magazine did a comprehensive feature on this also if you cant find much online.

    +1 on supermoto conversion if you start doing more tarmac than trails. This setup will still be good on trails too.

    +1 for thumpertalk (also vsmr . net for aussie supermoto info if you decide to go that way)