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Got a new bike :) just a quick mechanical query

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by smiley235, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Hey all, I finally got my first bike, its a suzuki gsxf 250 across. 1996 model with 65,000km's.

    Now I havent had much riding experiece (except when I did my learners test) so it was a bit daunting having to ride from noble park to bulleen but I made it alright. Now i'm getting better at riding slowly however I have one problem. I'm taking it to the mechanics soon and hopefully this is only a small issue. Sometime when I take off, i'm not sure if its becasue i'm not giving it enough gas or i'm dumping the clutch but something i'm doing causes it to seem like really sluggish. like the bike will travel roughly at about 2-3km/h and wont go any faster. Even if I give it full throttle, the engine wont rev and the bike will just plod along at a very slow pace. I also notice that when this happens, The gear wont shift into neutral or second (feels like it sort of gets stuck and wont click in any direction). The way I fix this is by simply pulling the clutch in and taking off better, than its all sweet and the gears will work fine. Now although I have a fix for it, its only a bandaid solution as I wouldn't want to be crossing a rd and realising that the bike is only gonna be travelling at 4km/h. I'm all new to this so if anyone has an idea of what it could be, would be appreiciated. (this only happens rarely)

  2. With a high revving bike like an Across you've gotta pick the rev's up a bit else you won't get moving. What your describing is the bike bogging down which could be a problem with the nut between the bars and the seat ;) or it could be dirty or mistuned carbs causing it to bog down.
  3. Hey smiley235 the start off and bogging down happened to me on my FZR.

    It was loading up because it was running too rich. I changed my fuel back from premium unleaded to normal unleaded and the problem went away. These old 250s are not jetted properly to run on PULP. To make matters worse I live a fair way about sea level which was also adding to the mixture richness.

    So have you been using Premium unleaded fuel? If so try normal unleaded and see if it helps like it solved my problem.
  4. hmm, bogging down eh? well now that you mention it, the guy who came back with me took it for a ride and said it had a flat spot and that the carbies needed to be synchronised (tuned up?) I'll have a look at this nut as well, see if I can see anything out of the ordinary.

  5. What revs are you trying to take off from? Either way you should get it serviced it sounds like. Some fresh oil would do it good.
  6. Hey, yeh I was using pulp and so was the previous owner. He told me to use pulp as the engine would prefer it. I might change to ulp but now that you guys have properly identified this issue, i'm a bit more releived, i've just gotta get it to the mechanic, hopefully he can sus out the A/F ratio and get her running nicely.
  7. Remember anything less than 7K rpm and the Across isn't going anywhere until it winds up.

    A 250 will run fine on 95 octane, but 98 is a bit hit and miss.
  8. Well, i've only been taking off at about 3000rpm. Reason being thats what I was doing on the cb250's at the learners course. Obviously, i've really got some learning to do. :oops:
  9. Hey smiley235, make sure you run the tank low with the premium and then fill it up with ULP. Is there anyway you can do this before you take it in for a service?
  10. It was the same for me when I hopped off my VTR250 and onto my mate's Across. WHY AREN'T I GOING ANYWHERE?!?! Then it would hit 7000-75000 revs and then go time.
  11. yeh mate, i'll run it around the back streets and deplete the tank if I can.

    Yeh, well in my case, if i've released the clutch, the only way to get the revs up is to release the clutch and try again otherwise it just wont move, i'm gonna practise launching harder and see how I go.
  12. jeebus smiley, how many forums are you on? LOL. I am now the proud new owener of a new kawasaki eliminator. Very comfy bike with some grunt as well. This is a greta forum and wil hopefully come along for a ride on one of the cruises.

    As for the Flat spot, maybe your carbies do need tuning, my mates bike had a similar porblem, he got the carbies flowed and tuned and the flat spot went away.
  13. hehe andrew, i'm quite the forum whore nowadays. Well I was just riding about half an hour ago and giving the revs a bit of stick and I had no problems. But i'll get it tuned before any long rides. Congrats on the bike too. :)
  14. You shouldn't need 7,000 rpm to start off. 3,000 rpm like you said is fine for start offs. I still put my bet on the PULP as it sounds exactly what happened to my bike.
  15. If you get it tuned tell them to put a set (4) of throttle slide holders in it at the same time, they only cost $5 each and will make the bike run heaps better. I ve been told to replace them every 10,000kms as they are a high wear item.
    Once they start to wear they will have movement and this will let the needles move around causing the mixtures to change.
  16. Did you get some more practice Smiley?

    Keen for a ride monday?

  17. i'm pretty sure he was implying the nut between the bars and the seat is yourself :LOL:
  18. Yeah i rode back with smiley and i didnt have any dramas with it apart from there was a bit of a flat spot in the acceleration.
    I took off at about 3 grand and it was right - i dont think you need to rev it any higher.
    Cam maybe practice riding the clutch more
  19. :grin: Throttle slide holders :grin:
  20. Nonsense! Make those 4 cylinders howl!