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Got a letter from victoria police...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by es, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. scared the shit out of me!!!!

    especially when i read "You have been reported for the following offences"

    but then i realised Id read it wrong. "you have reported the following offences"
    it was about my fairing. Few!

    anyway, just thought id share.
    My heart jumps everytiem I open my mail box :LOL:

    anyone else got scary letter stories to share??
  2. Just the usual - credit card statements, phone bills and letters from the sheriff's office.
  3. My G/F (Nicola, you've met her) recently got called called for jury duty 4 times and got off each one because of work/sickness.

    There was a period of about 6 months when we absolutely dreaded even looking in the letterbox... "Oh Shit! It's from the sheriff again..."

    O/T: Wouldn't it be cool if the sheriffs we have here were more like the ones from the "Wild West"? Instead of him coming to take you away for jury duty, or to reposess your car for parking fines, you could opt to go double or nothing in a shoot out at high noon...
  4. anything from RTA even my rego notice scares the shit outa me. The worse thing is when the letter is to one of my parentals, beacuse the cars are registered in their names....nothing worse than the ol, got a letter from RTA need to talk to you msg on the phone :LOL:
  5. I got a letter from transport SA advising me that as at 31 October I had to have a registered driver with me at all times & complete a log book of at least 50 hours driving, with 10 at night with said driver.

    I went "WTF???" for a while.

    Then rang em & they said "yeah sorry that's for learner car drivers only. we accidently sent that to everyone"
  6. Those letters are twice as scary if they are handed to you by your wife who has already opened the mail. The last one that I thought was a fine was in fact my demerit points statement.
  7. How's this? March 1969, on my 20th birthday, an invitation from the Australian Army to join them for two years of fun and frolics!!!!
  8. I can see how that would suck :(
  9. Nasho I presume???

    I'm not old enough to have copped Nasho (I was still only 4yo in March '69 :p ) but I've copped two Jury Service summons' and was picked for the first case each time :evil: the only bloody raffles I ever win seem to be the drawing the name out of the hat at Jury selection :roll:

    At least the 2nd time they had desks and phone lines set up so you could plug a laptop into so I could check e-mails & do some urgent work stuff (like looking at netrider) during the lunch breaks for the 2 weeks :shock: I was stuck in there.

    I was listening to the policemans radio when he pulled me over once and did a full check on me, clean driving record :p but I came up on the crime database :shock: Turns out I've rung the cops a couple of times for overnight vandal attacks at work (being the senior person has it's penalties) and I was the complainant (victim) for a Crim Damage. Still had me worried for a sec and Mr Plod certainly looked at me strange until the details came through.
  10. Hint for not getting picked for jury duty... wear a suit and look like a wanna be lawyer... they'll run a mile!
  11. I dont get scary letters , but i do get hate emails.

    after the pope thread a while back i seemed to have picked up a couple of over zealous good masterbating cathlic gentlemen who like to drop me a email every now and then telling me how much they dispise me and how i am going to hell.( in colourfull langauge)
    generally I reply back with a "bless you my son" or a quote from the bible , but they are persistant :D
  12. Or state your occupation as unemployed and look like a bum :0
  13. haha! Im going to have to look that one up now....
  14. Saw people try that both times as well as the complete opposite as well and strangely enough they turn up on day two dressed completely differently after being selected anyway :LOL:

    They go by where you live (suburb only) and occupation. The last case I was involved in was a work place injury that indirectly involved the company I worked for (was a sub contractor for us at the time of injury but in a different area to me) which I brought to the courts attention during the selection process and still got picked and was made foreman, talk about the blind leading the visually impaired.
  15. Try here but the offending picture was removed ages ago.

    I'm sure if you ask nicely groberts will e-mail it to you, then again considering how much flak he copped at the time maybe not.

    These religious peole just don't have a sense of humour do they.
  16. humm vaguley remember it. Groberts pleeeeaaaseee?