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Got a flat tyre while riding today

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bonkerrs, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. As said in the title. I ended up riding the rest of the way home which would have been about 3km.

    My mechanic is about 4km from my place. Would it be OK to ride it there (slowly)?

    Otherwise, what should I do? Sorry, stupid question.

  2. Pump it up and do a service station hop pumping up at each stop. This presupposes it holds air for a while.
  3. how bad is it leaking? just pump it up at home before you go and you should be right, just take it easy
  4. just remember, folding the tyre between the rim and the tarmac cracks the rubber rendering it firetrucked, if it's proper flat a tow will be cheaper than a new tyre
  5. Tyre repair kit.
    Cheap convenience
  6. Waiting at the mechanics now. Getting it done straight away, 60 bucks includes a new tube.
  7. Bike tyres have tubes ?
  8. most common in dirt bikes, but yeah some road bikes have them
  9. And spoked cruiser tyres, for. Most rims with spokes aren't air tight.
  10. right. if that's the case it makes sense. i have spoked rims