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Got a EPA notice (dam)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bangr, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. f*&^% , just got a EPA notice ont he Buell , how cruel is that , I cant ride it because its in the shop and they send me a f&^%$# notice.


  2. That sucks dude, geez seems like everyone on here is in trouble with the law at the moment :(
  3. f*&^%$ , F%^$#@ , have to get the stock pipe on it , what a prick of a job.
  4. Interesting. You're the first guy that I've heard that has gotten one of these. What is the detail in the notice? And what do they allege? (apart from the obvious - noisy exhaust)? Was it an EPA officer whose made the allegation or that someone dobbed you in (member of the general public)?

    What procedure do you now have to go through to have this rectified?

    As for the comment about the bike being in the shop, I'm not sure what you're aiming at - did this notice alleged an event while it was off the road, or merely a coincidence?
  5. I got one of those on the GPz.
    Had to have it tested, and it just passed.
  6. was a policeman who put me in , I know what day it was , I was being a myself down eliz st and was told some cops took my rego , pissed because i cant ride it because it is in the shop and I am still getting introuble with it.

    I just have to go get it tested , they give you a list and a date to do it by, just a pain.

    f$%#@ then all.

    They know have a angry stack munkey on a noisey Duke . let the noise warm begin .
  7. Can tell you're angry, you've become nearly incoherant, a classic sign of a stressed author.
  8. So how come you get pinged and the thousand noisier Hardleys get by??? There ain't no justice..

    {And, yes, I know, the Buell has a Hardley engine, jeez I didn't come down in the last shower you know...}
  9. Nothing is noisier then a hardley with screaming eagles pipes going for broke. Yet, like you said, they never seem to get pinged.

    It's always funny when you see a bikie gang who of hardley's with loud pipes go rumbling through town shaking the buildings......and the boys in blue are escorting them or letting them through traffic lights together as a whole. Damn bikies and having cops on the payroll. When the Rebels where in town recently on a trip for the death of the Rose Tattoo guitarist my mate had to sit at the lights and watch THREE FULL CYCLES of traffic lights go (e.g. 3 Greens and 3 reds) before the harley train got through and he could safely push off (on the FOURTH green light) :evil:
  10. That blows the big one.... Don't they know that Loud Pipes Save Lives....

    I would hate to have to take my ZRX 1100 with Muzzy Megaphone in to get it tested.... Pharque!

    Post up the information about how much it all cost... fines, work on the bike etc!

    Oh and Hi everyone.. my first post!
  11. Hi Tex, welcome to Netrider, check out the Southbank Friday night coffee thread if you haven't already, and rumble on down and give the Yarra pigeons a bit of hurry-up :LOL:
  12. Cheers Hornet600, I will.... and I love coffee and hate pigeons.... We are going to get along fine!
  13. being a south aussie, can I ask what an epa notice is?
    is it some kind of "your bike's too loud" thing?
  14. yep is is a you are to load thing - f$#@#^% .
    still pissed .
  15. isnit it environmental protection act or something of the like...
  16. EPA = "Environmental Protection Agency"

    Yah, your exhaust is too loud, so we'll fine you.
  17. THats harsh as all hell dude, sorry to heer it happen to ya.

    When will they realise when people heer a loud bike its puts a smile on there faces. it loud cars that piss people off.
  18. bloody stupid eta test crap
    hate it
    :mad: :mad: :mad:
    cop probably jealous he dont have a bike... :evil:
  19. Theres a leasson to be learnt here guys isnt there ie never get rid of the stock pipes for the bike they come in very very very handy in times like this.

    PS hard luck Bren at least with my old RG's it was a two minute job to replace the stingers and dawdle down there and laugh my head off when they never even got close to illegal

    Didnt half knock the horespower down though
  20. Hi Bruce

    still have the stock pipe , just a biatch to fit , and the same , big drop in power .