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Got a Ducati bug...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Noticibly F.A.T, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. But I can't decide which bike I want.

    So a bit of history. I'm 6ft 2, 130kgs, and don't like riding sportsbikes anymore due to back/wrist etc. I really enjoy the streetfighter look and feel, have owned a KTM Superduke which was awesome when it worked. Have owned a Husky 610SM which wasn't comfortable enough on long trips. And I've included the price because the more expensive it is, the longer the wait. Could buy the Hyper 800 now, but would need to wait until June to buy the others - so might aswell wait until September/October next year when the sun comes out lol

    Aprilia Tuono V4 - $23k ish - Looks awesome, brand new is good for warranty etc. I know it's not a ducati lol
    Hypermotard 800 - $15k ish - Not sure if they are powerfull enough/comfortable enough
    Hypermotard 1100 EVO - $19k ish - Not sure if they are comfortable enough
    Multistrada 1200 - $21k ish - Nice and tall, not the best on looks for 4 different riding modes :)
    Diavel - $25k ish - Looks sexy but not sure on seat hight
    Streetfighter - $21k ish - Best looking imo and originally the one I wanted...

    As I need to drive my car to work, I'd be looking for a good tourer/weekender with enough power to move my lard ass, but enough sports appeal to have lots of fun in the twisties.

    AND, as I live the best part of 2 hours away from the nearest Ducati store, I won't get a chance to sit on one until Jan/Feb!

  2. I test rode a 2011 speed triple, Streetfighter s and Tuono v4r.

    Regardless of price... The Tuono wins.

    Pick mine up on jan 3.

    There are deals on 2011 model street fighters. But the Tuono was an awesome bike, I think they meant to price it $5 k more !!!
  3. Consider the dorso 1200 they are going for $17 new if you are truly considering the hyper.
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    Picked up one of these on Thursday - smile hasnt been off my face since.
    Plenty of power for a 130 kg boy, and a more comfortable riding position now they raised the bars 20 mm, and moved the pegs.

    and it has that ducati twin sound, without the added expense of the more complicated motors (the 2 valve reigns)
  6. Go ride them all and buy the one that gives you the biggest boner.

    If you want us to give you advice on which bike we would choose, get the Tuono. If you don't like riding sportsbikes due to discomfot, the Duc streetfighter is not for you since it's basically a 1098 sans fairings.

    If you can live with something not italian, wait for the speed triple R to land early next year and give that a bash and if you can live with something that is not only not italian but an I4 japper, take a Z1000 for a spin. Personally, I doubt you could go very far wrong with any of them other than personal preference, so it all comes back to testriding everything and getting what suits you best.
  7. if it were me i'd def be taking the v4 for a spin. luurrv the sound of v4's.
  8. If you're coming off a SD, none of the air cooled Ducatis will cut it for you. They'll just be boring.

    The Streetfighter would do the trick but beware the exhaust proximity on the right footpeg, if you're tall enough it could bother you on longer trips.

    The Diavel is a surprise package, it's not as nimble as a sports bike but it's not unsatisfying in the twisties.

    My 2c, good luck!
  9. I have the exact same issue.....well maybe by mid next year with any luck....

    Streetfighter initially but also looking at the 'Tard. I'm only 60kgs and 5'9 but meh....no biggie for most bikes...

    Must admit I like the Speed Triples too....gotta go do some test riding me thinks but open to suggestions and will be watching this thread closely :)

    Just wish I knew what sorta coin I would have next year it'd make it easier!
  10. I just googled hypermotard and now I've forgotten the question.

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  11. These aren't on road prices are they? The Hyper has a small tank, so no good for long rides. If you like the Hyper, also consider the Dorsoduro, I've riden the 750 and 1200 back to back and I felt that the 1200 has "too much" power (or just me not used to this type of bike), I guess the Hyper will be similar.

    I'm surprised the MS is only $21k, is that the base model? Then it's not equipped with Ohlins shocks, i,e, missing the electronic suspension. If you step up to the S or touring model the price shoots up to $30k, for that price you can also consider BMW tourers, they are big and heavy but very good for long range weekend getaways.

    I like both Multistrada and Streetfighter, like Multistrada more, but can't justify spending that much on a bike. Also, if you an "exhaust" person, will need to factor in $3.5k upgrading the Termi pipes and a new ECU.
  12. I don't why motorcycles are always associated with hot chicks, but never once a hot chick hopped on to my bike while I stopped at the light. :-s
  13. You know you can get a shot from a Doctor for that.
  14. That's strange. It always happens to me.
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  15. I 'd definately take a look at the Speed Triple R when it is released. Sweet triple engine with Ohlins, Brembo monoblocks & forged wheels.