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*Got a DSLR? Get in here and share your photos*

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbied, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Just got my first DSLR after a ton of research over the last 2 weeks.

    Nikon D40 with 18-55 and 55-200VR lenses. Got a great deal on it.

    I use the D80 at work so I am used to the button layout, functions and modes. I can borrow lenses too :)

    I was originally looking at the D90 but spending $1700ish when im just learning is a bit silly.

    What setups are you guys rocking and what do you like to photograph?
  2. canon EOS Kiss(Or Rebel in the US) Similar to 350D, without LCD screen preview.

    I have a normal 55mm lens, and a longrange lens. not much else.

    Mainly take pictures of my daughter. Cost me sub $700 Takes nice pictures.
  3. I use a Canon 40D (1.6x crop factor), a handful of lenses, a modern external flash and two ancient Vivitar 285HV flashes.

    Currently experimenting with off-camera lighting (ala http://www.strobist.com/ ) and toying with that sort of stuff.

    Experimenting a bit with portrait photography. Event photography. Photos of animals at the zoo. All sorts of stuff. :)
  4. Just obtained a Canon 5d mark2
    24-105 f/4 L lens
    16mm zenitar fisheye
    sigma 100-300 f4 ex
    canon 300 f4 L

    also an assortment of manual primes.
    The 5d mark 2 is in a different league when it comes to image quality

    I have no photographic preference but I do like landscape, urban, people and motorsports. I also like to play around in photoshop.
  5. I got my first DSLR few months ago.

    Got the olympus e520. Great for beginner. Easy to use. Its got anti-shake built into the body.

    Got the zuiko 12-60mm lens which costs more than the body. Put together and i'm totally satisfied with what i've got. 12-60mm gives me good wide angle and decent zoom. Its a do it all lens which i've taken on holidays. Gives high quality results.
  6. Canon 40D, 17-85mm, 50mm F1.8 and 70-200mm L F2.8

    Used to have a 350D, sold it to a friend. Love the 40D.
  7. Nice to see im not the only addicted one.

    Some of those L series constant aperature lenses you guys have must have cost a pretty penny. :eek:

    What lenses do you guys use for motorsport?
    What shutter speed do you need to catch the action properly?

    Would my lens be quick enough?

  8. Canon 400D body

    stock 18-55mm. (58dia)
    EF 55-200mm. (58dia)
    EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM (77dia)

    + filters: 58dia and 77dia. skylights and circ polarisers.

    other shit: IR remote, a small and a large tripod.

    I pretty much shoot exclusively with the 10-22mm because there is a significant boost in quality over the stock 18-55, but that's what you'd expect from a lens that costs (in Australia at least) the same as the rest of my gear put together. I guess that my love of landscape and general wide angle photography helps keep this practice going as well.

    My gf has the 300D with some other kit, and I borrow her 430EX II whenever I need to do a lot of indoor or party photography.

    At the moment I basically shoot for fun - night-time long exposures, landscapes, waterscapes, outdoor scenes and architecture. I've done a few (4) weddings for friends and family in the last 2 years but have no desire to go professional in that area.

    Recently I've been experimenting with High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography which involves taking 3 or more shots of the same scene at different exposures in RAW, combining them to form a 32bit image (extended dynamic range compared to 16bit) and then squeezing everything back to 16-bit. Its pretty interesting stuff, but its critical that everything in the shot remains still, so subject matter is a bit more limited than normal.

    I've been putting a few shots up on http://s-d-r.deviantart.com over the years, but I'm still a total noob so don't expect anything fantastic.

    @ robbied & others: do you post your photos online anywhere?
  9. The original 5D still is, in some ways!

    I think most of all I'm impressed by the Mk2's video capabilities... With the big-aperture glass available for the camera and its relatively compact size, there's a lot of potential to do some neat video work with it (inbetween still photos). :)
  10. Nothing worth making into a gallery yet :)
    Just learning still.

    Heres a photo I took while learning how to use the D80.
    It was taken with the 70-300VR lens.
  11. Now that is a sharp image!
  12. Trust me its just the equipment :LOL:

    Throw up some photos guys, I'd love to see what you do.
  13. yes.

    as for shutter speed, you could use anything as low as 1/60 if you've got a stable hand and good panning technique. Personally I'd be happy with anything over 250, although with a big zoom and fast action 500+ might give more consistently good results.
  14. Thanks for the reply junglist.

    I guess the main thing is how good your timing and panning is right?
    I might go practise at the spur sometime.
  15. Canon EOS 30D. I love it!

    Lenses are Canon EFS 10-22mm Ultrasonic and the same lense at 17-85mm.

    Here's a couple of my shots:


  16. :grin:

    the only problem i have with this lens is at 10mm i catch the double filter ring in the shot and get vignetting if i dont take off the uv before putting on a polariser.
  17. Yeah, 1/200th or faster is good for action shots, I think... Personally, I can't go any slower than 1/200th or it turns to crap.

    Some of our best motorsport photographers here on NR use quite fast shutters but use careful composition and depth of field selection to emphasise the speed, which is a clever way to get consistent results. :)

    I think my record for a 'sharp' result was 1/50th of a second, but I cheated a little by using a 580EX speedlite flash to 'burn in' an instant of time:

    I have a few places I upload my photos to.
    So-so motorcycle photography goes here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spots_nr/sets/

    Everything else goes here:
    (I recommend browsing that account by Sets, as the main photostream is pretty big now. Yes, I am aware there is a cheetah in many of those photos. No, I don't know if he knows how to ride a motorcycle. Do they even make motorcycle armour for cheetahs? I'm not sure. :-k )
  18. TarmacSamurai:

    I like the shot of the cat sizing up the birds.

    To get the birds in focus but not the cat did you have to select the autofocus zones where the birds are?
  19. I've had up to 4 dslr bodies and over 20 lenses, i've culled it down to 2 bodies and about 10 lenses. I used to buy n sell 2nd hand stuff

    my bread and butter is Fuji S5 12-24 , 70-200, 24-70, 100m macro
    Nikon D2H with 120-300

    I still have heaps of other stuff, medium and small format film cameras
  20. Spots I really like that photo. Theres nothing wrong with using the flash to 'cheat' sometimes :cool: