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VIC Got a call from The Age about a letter to the Editor

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. I penned a letter (which has been on my mind for quite some time) and emailed it to the Age and Herald Sun yesterday. Within 20 mins I received a call from the Editor of the Age - very interested in what I had written. She requested clarification and stated that she had been thinking about this subject. I gave her some feedback. She made some minor additions and this was the result : )

    Are the media interested - well going by the conversation I had with them, I can assure you that they are......

    You can view the letter online HERE.

    Here is what was published:

  2. So is that published as an opinion piece or a letter to the editor? Either way, it's not bad.
  3. Excellent work...
    It would be great to have a newspaper move in a positive and constructive mannor for a change.
  4. My Letter to the Editor and its strictly my opinion.....

    And, thank you for the compliment.
  5. WTF??????
    That could have been worded better it still paints motorcycling as it does being in a war, "those who survive live to tell the tale"
  6. FFS Smee - so where are we going with this now?????

    So how many letters have you written recently? Have you ever strung a few words together? So you can do better?

    Do you even have something to offer????

    Armchair critic????? Why are we so afraid of exposing the truth - that TAC handling of the subjectand Brumby's policies are an utter disaster - when the other States like NSW and SA have exposed the TAC for the waste of money and time that it really is.

    Negative, negative, negative.....end of rant.
  7. It still doesn't change the fact that last line is inflammatory
  8. And that is exactly the way I intended it.

    I'm sorry that you don't like that fact. But, its my opinion and I'm allowed to express it - I know that it will upset and inflame - that's the reason why we continue to find ourselves in this mess - because few of us can reach any consensus.

    Result? TAC uses this fact against and presses ahead with their anti-motorcycle agenda. That is something which I personally I am not prepared to put up with and is why I penned that letter.

    Sure Smee - sit back and armchair critic (note distinct baiting on my part)....
  9. I don't see "we who have survived" as inflamatory, it doesn't convey combative language to me, rather just a statement that there are dangers and by focusing on education and training we have managed to continue to ride.......
  10. Well written John.
    Though that line may appear as only the fittest survive type remark, the fittest are in affect trained!
  11. JD - Excellent stuff. It is great to see the other side of the picture being told for a change.
  12. Thanks Hornet. That is exactly what I meant and your summation is the message that I am trying to convey.

    The other message is that the other states are doing it (using riders) - so why not Vic? Answer - arrogance on behalf of TAC.....coupled with poor govt policy (which is the excuse which TAC give for the current state of affairs - that its Vic govt policy to take the approach that they are using now).
  13. John, seriously, take a chill pill, it's not about you is it?
  14. Sorry Smee - I still count you as a good friend. No, its not about me - but you must agree that things need to change - you will note that the letter makes no mention of the fact that I told the TAC to go down this path ages ago and they ignored me.

    But, as you can see by the comments made by others, I think I'm right this time.

    To all thanks for the words of encouragement. Now, its your turn to follow through with letters of your own - to elevate the topic to where it will get noticed....
  15. Could it have been phrased better? Probably. But it is a letter from an individual (he signs it with his name, no 'former president[?] of the MRAV' or anything), so that doesn't matter as much. And, overall, its a decent letter which gets its point across well enough.
  16. I have no issue at all with the sentiment, what i take issue is with that statement which can be misinterpreted by the non riding populace.
  17. To be honest, I'm more concerned about the 'riding is an addiction' sentiment. Especially when you start talking about 'treatment'. It makes us sound like adrenalin junkies or thrill-seekers, which plays into that particular negative stereotype.

    I see what you are trying to achieve, John. And I do think it is good to have a positive message out there. But there are two lines that can be taken and used against us, which in such a short letter is a bit of a worry.

    (And you know that I've had letters published myself, so I'm not just an armchair critic.)
  18. FFS - and this is exactly what I expected that some would say.

    You guys are paranoid. When I discussed this with the editor at the Age, she understood exactly what I was on about. Even agreed with me.

    The fact is Motorcycling is an Addiction. If you can't see that, then I don't think that you ride a motorcycle, and Zenali I know you do and that you have caught the disease/addiction like the rest of us.

    I have made an analogy to explain why the motorcycle toll needs to treated differently, or it will continue to get worse.

    What I do notice, is that since the MRA has decided to adopt the "stay quiet philosophy" that the toll has started to climb alarmingly. Now, I can't say that when I was shooting off my big mouth when I was MRA Pres that that was actually keeping the toll down just because we were talking about it in the media and maybe some riders were listening.

    But, "on my watch" the toll was on the decline (he says facetiously)......

    I care very little about the fact that you are concerned about my addiction analogy Zenali. I do care about the fact that the toll is rising - when it shouldn't be. That nobody is offering ways to solve the problem alarms me. On a final point, I am prepared to stand alone a defend what I have said......but, from the sounds of things many here actually agree with me and like what I have said.....end of rant.
  19. I've been having a chat on f/b with John about this letter. It's a good one for sure.

    Victoria does have the lowest fatality and injury trend of any state - I haven't checked to see how this years blip effects the trend, but we do.

    I like that the letter highlights that enforcement and current ad campaign obviously haven't worked... but then since the fatalities aren't clearly associated with those messages, perhaps the messages have worked? The thing about this years Vic MC toll is that it's not about hoons or for the most part overtly dangerous behaviour. It's not about addiction in the most part either. The toll is utterly at odds with Ken Lay's all bikers are hoons mentality. The cause of the fatalities cover many different areas - some are down right baffling... I don't think that even a well meaning fireside chat advert with Rossi would have that much impact on the toll.

    This year is one out of the box.
  20. Rob, I hear what you are saying, and I agree with you. But, something has gone badly wrong this year and I'm pretty sure it starts with Govt policy and TAC attitudes. That's what I want to see change and which I have been campaigning about for many years. Its just that this years the proof and evidence has surfaced.

    This is something which I have seen coming for a long time. It could have been better handled by TAC and Govt Policy. The evidence is now coming in and is about to bite them in the backside...

    And, I'm glad you like the letter - controversial as it is and as I expected it would be.