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Got a bike! got a few questions!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by graemepa, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. hey guys,

    This morning i picked up my new second hand bike (88 GPX250R) even though im nervous i cant wait to get on it and have a ride. Cant yet though run out of funds until mid this week and still have to get gear :(

    Okay just a couple of questions, Regarding insurance im probably only gonna go for third party fire and theft and im 21 any one got any recommendations?
    I checked the search but couldnt really find anything that applies.

    Also the guy said it had been serviced about 1000k ago and has given me the reciepts and such to say so, would u guys still get it checked over by a shop or just go for it? it all looks and sounds fine...

    Thanks for you help guys, all the info around here really helped me feel confident about buying a second hand bike.
  2. AAMI for 3rd party, should be under $100. as for fire and theft you have almost no hope as insurance companies won't cover bikes with such a policy (99 times out of 100.)

    enjoy the new toy.
  3. Id get a quote from QBE for full comp insurance.
    Since its your first bike you are bound to drop or have some sort of minor accident. For the extra little bit insurance its worth knowing your bike covered, just in case.

    3rd part means you dont cover your bike in an accident, and its more expensive to fix the bike than it would be for the extra insurance.
    Its worth it.
    If the bikes running fine then i wouldnt worry about another service, just get the next one after about 5-6,000km.

    use that money to get full comp insurance.
    My 250 cost me $309 to insure for 1 year and I have never even had ANY insurance before and no car license either. So its not that bad.

    Welcome to the two-wheeled mayhem.
    treat every car like it cant see you. Make yourself noticed.

    They are all out to get us.
    And have fun and be safe.
  4. well if its only $300 then i can afford it... i thought it was upwards of $1000 a year. I think i will be a little bit higher though as im under 25 and if its anything like cars, insurance companies have a grudge against us.
  5. any one under 25 that has got full comp that can tell me how much they pay per year?
  6. ive got a virago and had a TZR250 with RACV third party insurace and was no more than $120 for the TZR and i think $105ish for the virago.

    Full comp on the R6 with AAMIis $1800 plus like 500-900 premium, or what ever its called when you make a claim.

    ring around and just get quotes to see who will give you the best deal. try RACV, AAMI, Swan, QBE, dont think shannons touch under 25's.

    EDIT: i also remember gettting quoted $1200 for full comp on the TZR with a market value of $3500, but i only paid $1200 for the bike so didnt bother with it. some one i know has a 2000ish model kawasaki eliminator insured full comp for $600 with AAMI i think, not sure if its AAMI ut its 600 full comp. hope this helps. MAKE SURE YOU RING AROUND! :)
  7. I pay $250/yr full comp on the Spada. This was my first bike and they started me as rating one, not because of my car license either.

    Maybe mods we could put some of this info in a sticky somewhere? Maybe I need add it to the appropriate thread *searches*

    Either way the GPX should be easy/cheap to insure. Have fun :)
  8. it also depends on the classification of the bike. is a GPX250R classified as a sports bike? because they are sports style, but i dont know much about engne output on them.
  9. cool ill do the ring around tomorrow, thanks guys for the helpful replies.

    Yeah i agreee this kinda info in some kinda sticky would be really helpful
  10. $1000 with AAMI. not bad for an under 25 on a 750cc.
  11. Sadly less than I pay for my car insurance (no claims / tickets / offences). I wonder what gives with that?
  12. Hello I have full insurance from Swann Insurance at a cost of $210 for 12 months. I have a Mini Cruiser .You might want to have a look at them...

    Perth...08 9282 1450
    Melb....03 279 5000
    Syd.....02 822 4600
    Bris.....07 3212 7700
    Adel + Nt ..08 8405 6100
    Hobart... 03 6223 6311

    And no I dont work for them, I got the numbers of my policy

  13. I have 3rd party property with NRMA 'cause they were the cheapest for me.

    Jut did the re-register and got my CTP with NRMA also because they include $250,000 worth of AT FAULT driver/rider cover.

    So if you do have a stack [god forbid] there's a lot of help there, especially if you don't have any other sort of health insurance.
  14. Hey guys,

    Just for anyone in the same situation as me they might find this useful:


    $335pa - comprehensive (think excess was $400)
    $88pa - 3rd party


    $470pa - comrehensive (dirty big $800 excess)
    $120pa - 3rd party

    $587pa comrehensive ($350 excess)
    $305pa 3rd party

    NRMA - Dont do victoria much to my surprise
  15. AAMI excess will be $400 + another 400/500 (can't remember) for rider 21 and under
  16. RACV do pay by the month & guess who they're underwritten by? Yep NRMA. !