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Got a bee in my bonnet...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by wasit2u, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. ...or actually it was a dragonfly in my helmet -- cruising along at about 90 and the thing just swept right in with the wind then buzzed around in front of my face before landing on my lip. Pretty distracting and a bit freaky, but a quick flip up of the visor and away she went.

  2. Be thankful it wasn't a bee :roll:

    ... or worse stinging kind of bug! :shock:
  3. Wasp is worst. Multiple stings! But any decent sized bug can do harm at 100 plus. My ex boss once had a bug punch a hole straight through his cheek and into his mouth! :shock:
    (I think he was pedaling pretty hard at the time)
  4. I copped a bee sting at 100 on the neck yesterday, and have had two others on warm days in the last 6 months, both down the front of the jacket.

    Very distracting!
  5. copped a bee sting in the face at 50 kmh.
    Pain was bad and had to ride home after i removed the stinger.
    Not fun but luckily I don't react to beestings.
  6. I put my helmet down on a seat last night for a few seconds.. when i lifted it back up there was a big fat juicy spider

    I hope to god it wasnt in my helmet when i was wearing it only a few minutes before!
  7. I gave the bike a clean yesterday and there was a spider under the seat. Only a little one - about two inches across.

    Ah... Australia in summer!
  8. I've been hit in the shoulder (of jacket) at 110 by what I can only describe as a small floating brick wall..

    don't know what it was but was enough to push my shoulder back and when I stopped later had yellow "insides" and bits of what I think was the bug left on my shoulder.

    was very icky.

    "When the bug hit the windscreen what was the last thing to pass through his mind?"

    "His ass"
  9. luckily so far I've only had the occasional fly appear inside my helmet. Don't know about the "quick" bit - but when I manage to get the visor up - off it goes.
    Lately down here we seem to be getting plagues of those big orange butterflies, my g*d they make a 'thunk' and leave a huge mess over visor and jacket.
  10. Whats more disturbing is coming to your parked bike, seeing cobs on the screen but ignoring it. Then looking down whilst riding to notice the web had grown somewhat :shock: Then seeing the creepy spider doing its thing right in front of me! I pulled over verrry quick! :grin:
  11. Was going to go for a ride one day and noticed some webs, thought to myself...probably some small harmless spider. Stopped at the traffic lights and a huntsman about 7 - 8cm in span crawled from underneath the fairing onto the speedo...rather quickly, I let go of my clutch and swatted it away stalling the bike in the process while stopped at an uphill freeway off ramp...

    Also had a bee stuck between my visor and helmet...the part where the visor rotates...don't know how the hell it got in there.

    phong =P~
  12. Preying Mantis managed to accompany me one day inside my helmet while doing 80 clicks, thought it was a leaf at first and then it moved!!
  13. My second ever ride on my bike resulted in a dead sparrow after it hit my shoulder at 60kph. Scared the crap out of me!!
  14. think of how the poor sparrow felt for the .02 seconds it was alive after impact!!

    was wearing sunnies once, visor up.. 70KPH, hit a big that covered my entire left lense with guts, i had to pull over and remove the remains.

    once of my biggest fears of riding is getting a bee/wasp/<insert nasty stinging thing in here> in the helmet or whatever. last time i got bitten i had a massive allergic reaction, and nearly ended up in hospital. the idea of that happening again scares the crap out of me. i think id just pull over, call an ambulance, lie on the road and wait for them to arrive lol.
  15. I've been hit with a golf ball cruising past the local golf course in the shoulder doing around 70kmh. Lucky it hit my pad or I'd have experienced a fair bit of pain... Scared the hell outta me though, especially given at the time I'd only been riding for about a month.
  16. One of my first longer rides on the bike i freaked out 2 streets from home when i copped a bug in the eye!
    Then a few months later on a more spirited ride i had a bee jump in my helmet, with the visor down, and when i put the visor back up and down, it was still there! Went away the next time though, however my line through that corner was not my best!!
    I cant stand the lil critters! Especially knowing some of the people i ride with are allergic!
  17. hahaha! thats funny as hell! im picturing a bunch of half pissed blokes lined up on the 9th hole doing big happy gilmore style golf swings aiming for the target on the motorbike riding past!