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Got 3 weeks off and 2 boat tickets :-) Route help please!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by fozzy, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I've managed to wangle 3 and a bit weeks off over Chrissy and we'll be heading to Tas to see family. We've booked tickets on the Spirit Of Tas with 2 weeks on the island. No trouble with roads to ride in Tas - we grew up there - but I'd like some help with a route from Syd to Melb and back.

    This is what we have so far:



    We'll need to overnight in Melb both ways as we're on a day sailing. Other than that, the markers on the maps represent overnight stays.

    I'd welcome suggestions for any better roads or routes - these are a very rough plan at this stage!

  2. if your looking for a root you should probably try posting ASL.

    as far as riding goes, how much time can you take out of the way you posted? i suggest detouring off the hwy as much as possible! from memory (2-4 years ago) there are some fun times to be had around eden and a million other places near where you will be passing through.
    How much time can you spend getting there?

    on the way back try going through healsville, marysville, Mansfield.
  3. :shock: I think I may have misread this line.

    Or did I? :? Is ASL an online dating/meeting service?
  4. Do you have plenty of travelling time?

    The coast road looks good on paper but it doesn't translate into much fun on the road. Heavily enforced, too.
    If you're looking for a few more curves, I would be trying the Monaro Hwy south of Cooma, Brown Mountain etc. From Orbost to Morwell is tedious. Try the Bruthen detour, and after Morwell try to head either north (Noojee, Icy Creek) or south (Boolara, Korumburra) of the Princes Hwy.

    On the way back, try Yea, Mansfield, Whitfield, Bright. Use the Murray River Road instead of the Highway to Cooryong.
  5. Age Sex Location lol :LOL: