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Gorgeous Sunday Weather! 17 Oct

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Congratulations to anyone who owns a bike and was lucky enough to be making the most of the gorgeous sydney weather we had yesterday!! I was thinking about all of you bastards and unfortunately could not stalk the roads to find anyone from the confines of my cage as i had to spend the day with the gf's family.

    Did cross paths though with a P-Plater on his "star" cruiser, could have been a XVS250 v-star, but i think it was an xvs650 custom cos it had less chrome than the 250 does (although it did sound like a de-baffled 250). Pulled up next to me at the lights at corner of great Western highway and doonside road at about 5.30pm. looked schmick as, all black bike and gear. saw me staring at him, so gave him the thumbs up and he returned a nod. made me grin but also jealous as hell!!!
  2. Ditto for Brisbane area. We've had rain here for the last two Sundays, but yesterday you just couldnt ask for better weather. Thousands of riders out all having a lovely day!
  3. I had the joy of riding Macquarie Pass in that glorious weather in the later afternoon and was astonished when I got there to find only two bikes...

    then one of the riders reminded me that everyone else was probably at home watching the Motogp race :LOL:
  4. so you held your own race right? :)
  5. err, yes, as much as a well-worn front tyre would allow, anyway :LOL:
  6. I was going to take up the bike to Kurri (about 40kms west of Newcastle), but instead I took the cage because I didn't have the balls to master the wind on Saturday, left around 8am and was glad I didn't ride on Saturday but once Sunday came around and I sat in the sun beside the pool I was kicking myself.

    Saw quite a few bikes and around Ryde I saw a group of Harleys riding (had all matching vests but didn't take notice what was on the back), another bike rolled up beside the last Harley in the group and they shook hands, was good too see.
  7. I sedately rode up to wollombi with the mrs and the old man on their bikes, and then we went ripping on down to wisemans and back. Mr poor 250 vs their 400 and 1200 respectively... still, i kept up with them in the corners, if not the straights.
    Stupid roadworks on one corner with a set of traffic lights on a sensor that wouldnt change and made us wait 10 minutes... finally it did - didnt risk going down around the corner as it was totally blind... but patience was at an end just as it FINALLY changed.

    Otherwise i took a camera with me for a run but the stupid thing recorded only the audio... could hear me scrape my fairing once from a pothole in shadow... :angel:.
  8. i was up there earlier in the day, and was a collection of older motorbikes with historic vehicle numberplates, plus a mr rc36 and his nicely looking fixed vfr, some bsa's a norton commando and yamaha xs650s too;
    posted the pics here in the photos from your ride thread

  9. Yup!
    Went for a bbq at wisemans ferry and then did the whole route to central mangrove and back down the old pac.
    Perfect day!

    My mate and his gf were driving behind me and she asked why I was nodding to people and people were nodding back. She has been educated. :)
  10. Meanwhile i sat in my garage looking at the nail i noticed last week in my rear tyre whilst making bike noises...
  11. Ha, you should've seen the wind and damage it did to all the team tents and trucks in the pits for the SuperX at Energy Australia Stadium at 3am on Saturday morning.

    It's never fun running around trying to prevent more damage after a 3:30 "you better get here now" phone call.

    At least it settled down in time for the start of racing.
  12. Phenomenal day for riding. I had a casual jaunt through the RNP [my first time through] and came across a cavalcade [does 3 constitute a cavalcade?] of Ferraris on the way back.
  13. pi$$ed it down here so I thought I'd make amends by getting the car bogged down in the Geelong show carparks. Thanks to everyone who pushed.
  14. ever man and his bike went to the old pac yesterday, was a good day
  15. so that's riding 1 - fishing 0?
  16. Ive seen many XVS650’s in and around Doonside and Woodcroft. Theres a white custom running around in Woodcroft that looks exactly like mine, I also talked to a Filipino who guy in Hill End Rd Doonsdie who rides a black custom, as well as a Samoan who also rides a black custom in Doonside……..damn XVS these things are breeding like rabbits, theres so many around.

    Yesterday and Sunday was perfect riding days, sadly today isn’t too good.
  17. In my head i'm riding to Bilpin on Bells Line of road to stop for some fresh hot apple pie and a hot chocolate at the Fruit Bowl...

  18. Lol sounds good but in my head id be going somewhere tropical......deserted beach in Fiji sipping on something cool and alcoholic. Anything away from work would be an upgrade at this stage.
  19. Sunday was beautiful - great riding weather. But I'm sorry guys....when not riding - in my head - you will find me here.....:beer:

    Ahhh Rose....