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Gore Fest- The Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Climbatize, May 4, 2010.

  1. EEuuuwwwww!!..... was Al there?? :p
  2. didn't know about it.... Then again I might of got my cricket bat and went all Left for Dead... because you know games are addictive and alter your perceptions of reality...

    Was there a boomer?
  3. Here are some of mine:




    A few more here, and more to come.
  4. saw an album from a friend who went along (and was filming a doco) looked pretty awesome!
  5. the only way to get men to dress up for costume parties is to tell them to go as a zombie.
  6. seen kishys pics on fb, bloody amazing
  7. Nice shots mate. You got a good shot of the viking :)

    What cam/lens where you using?

    My hat goes off to this guy though. Very convincing zombie. His costume was simply awesome, he was chewing on raw sausages & he was also foraging through bins haha


  8. Read in the paper that the mess left behind by the fake blood and gore will take weeks to clean up and apparently little kids will be having nightmares for months
  9. Obviously you don't approve of the shuffle smee. Would you at least care to provide a link?

    I was waiting for one person to rain on the parade. Only on NR though.
  10. EOS 20D, with a Canon f/2.4 50mm lens.

    Most of the blood is just red food dye, and if last year is anything to go by it will be gone within a week just from the rain and foot traffic. As for kids having nightmares for months, most kids I know love dress-ups and Halloween. There were quite a few kids in the shuffle, and they were having a blast.

    (And if I were a worried parent who saw hundreds of zombies staggering towards me and my kids, I think I'd take the kids someplace else...)
  11. So that's what happens when Melbourne runs out of coffie :p
    Awsome photos, love the jebus one :LOL:
  12. A lot of the blood was also mixed in with chocolate sauce. I saw a dog eating it.

    Not that I really give a shit, but I'd say the recent rain would have already cleaned it up anyway.