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Gord's Ninja1000

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  1. Gord submitted a new showcase item:

    Gord's Ninja1000

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  2. Congrats on your purchase! Looks to be a beaut bike mate (y)
  3. Nice one Gord - what happened to the GS500 I sold you?
  4. Hey man! The GS500 is still my daily commuter. I was slack getting off my L plates, so the restrictions end at the start of September. I'll either sell the GS or keep it for the weekday grind. It's unbeatable for fanging down the Monash skipping through traffic. Of course my mind will probably be changed the instant I get on the ninja.
  5. Glad you still got that gs500, I honestly really miss her, how many kms she got now?
  6. Heh, would you believe she's on her way to 43,000km from the 9,050km you had on it 15 months ago? We've travelled far and wide together. Shall I let you know when I decide to sell her?
  7. Good buy . +1 for the Oggys. Worth every cent on that bike as I can testify
  8. Wow you have done a great job! Nah mate one bike is enough for me!
  9. Has your mum found out you ride yet jimbo?
  10. Haha, nah mate. None of my family know!

    Let us know if you want to go for a ride when u get your Ninja
  11. nice choice of bike @Gord, can I ask how much and what brand of oggies you chose?
  12. Paid,$12990 and $230 for the genuine #ok640 oggyknobs free installation
  13. As the funds cleared today, the oggys went on and she is on her way to my house! T- ten days and counting!

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  14. OK thanks for the pic too, 10 days will pass quickly :)
  15. What a beautiful beast! It look a very good buy.
  16. All i can say is, in true Pommie fashion........... 'awww, my Gord'!

    The law of averages says you'll put 43,000 k's on that a lot quicker than the GS ;)
  17. The ninja arrived this morning, took the phone call in the shower! Bastard was halfa early, heh!

    I opened the garage door to see my bike on its stand, purring it's idle away. First thing he said: "hey mate, you want it up there?" "nah man, let me look at it!". The goose. Don't touch my bike, and FU for turning it on! MINE! Rarrr.

    Anyway, the morning sun was catching it beautifully and I was immediately smitten. That kwakka candy green is just a thing of absolute beauty. Definitely made the right decision with the 2012 candy scheme. The green headlights.... It's simply gorgeous.

    Took her out for a squirt around the estate... holy crap. Having never ridden anything faster than my GF's CB400, I was simply not prepared for the 1043cc of the ninja. Absolute insanity how people buy these bikes for their first bike overseas.

    I literally said 'FCUK ME' in me helmet the first time I opened her up in 2nd. To achieve 100kph on the GS500, I have to turn the throttle the whole way and wait 7 seconds with a gear change. 20-100kph in 2nd in 2.5 seconds was just astounding. I am very, VERY excited for my restricted licence to expire so I can take her out for real.

    Seat is hard, as most of you have said. I certainly wouldn't do the trip to alice springs that I did on the GS without some serious airhawk action. I got my hands on a workshop manual the other night, so I'm about to open that up and read the hell out of it. Currently, I don't know how to take the seat off!

    The sidestand spring is weak, yes. I hardly see it being an issue though if parked with some simple diligence. Of course I'll be upgrading the spring regardless. It's far too quiet, even my GS is louder. Loud pipes save lives, so after I get it roadworthy'd and registered I'll seek down a pair of brawlers for sure. Windscreen as well, no doubt. I didn't buy full faired to get halfarsed wind protection. Smoked double bubble should do the trick.

    The other thing I found was the grips were TINY. Compared to the oxford sports on my GS, the ninja's grips felt like toys. Will certainly have to do something about that. Wasn't feeling too many vibrations, but haven't ridden it enough to know for sure.

    4 weeks to go.

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  18. Such an arousing piece of machinery (y) good onya mate..

    Check out these seats here Sargent Seats looks to be a good option if you don't want to worry about an AirHawk.
  19. Hi Gord. I modified the seat myself. Took some of the staples off and removed the foam bit. Shaved the sharp corners down and added an additional thinner softer piece of foam on top and stapled it back down. Don't use the airhawk now. All done for 5 bucks. My son has the Sargent seat but its not much different. Cheers. Have fun but watch it. It's a real hoonbike!
  20. Love it Gordon! Great stuff!