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GOR Trip - Which Roads?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by asho101, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    My best mate & I are heading down the Great Ocean Road next weekend. I live in Ocean Grove and regularly do the GOR trip, but always end up at Apollo Bay & never go further. Just too much in 1 day.

    This time we are staying at a house in Wye River, so Saturday morning we will be heading off for a big ride, past Apollo Bay and beyond.

    My question, other than the Great Ocean Road, what roads are good down that way? I've done Skene's Creek Rd & the back Road out of Lorne to Deans Marsh. I've heard of Beech Forrest Road is good, but nothing comfirmed e.g. condition of road.

    Any help would be great, maybe even a map on Google Maps!

  2. Do a run to Port Campbell and back via Colac and Skene's Creek Road. Both nice bits of bitumen.
  3. Yes, the road to Forrest climbs and is quite tight and twisty. Great fun.
    I really enjoy the road from Apollo Bay to Laver's Hill. The road from Laver's Hill up to the main hwy is ok too. Mostly, long sweepers.
  4. Thanks mate.

    The Road from Apollo Bay to Laver's Hill, that's just the Great Ocean Road still, isn't it?

    I will give the road to Forrest a go for sure!
  5. Yes, the road from Apollo Bay to Laver's Hill is a part of the GOR. It is one of my favourite pieces of road. :grin:
  6. Too late for you now, but you can loop back from just out of Barwon downs through to Deans marsh. Also, if you do the Skenes creek to Forrest run, turn off to Colac. From Colac start heading towards Lavers Hill. At Eliminyt (unsure of spelling) take the turn off to Carlisle river. There is about 200 meters of gravel just past Carlisle river on the way to Simpson. Turn left at Simpson & head back to the Ocean road. You come out at the 12 apostles viewing area. Head back to Lavers hill/Apollo bay from there. Heaps of good full throttle top gear redlining insane speed sweepers in that lot :LOL: :LOL: