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GOR Thursday 12 nov

Discussion in 'VIC' started by clarkie, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Easy going ride,But if you feel like going fast feel free.Will be learner friendly if you can ride corners at advised speed. Meeting time will be 830 at twin BP servos on geelong freeway(Geelong bound) in truck parking bay for a 9 am sharp leave time. Lunch will be along way somewhere at some pub

  2. ride canned as no one wanted to join me so going fishing
  3. How about tomorrow, ie Friday? -I'm at work today... :-(
  4. Dammit! I missed your thread Clarkie, I would've loved to do it today, instead I cruised up to Daylesford and surrounds. Would've been great along the coast today, not to worry, next time...

    Hope they were biting for ya!
  5. I take it that's a no?
  6. sorry mate got thing on friday maybe next time