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GOR - Saturday 20th October

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by asho101, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Hey Guys & Girls,

    Myself & a few mates are looking at heading down the Great Ocean Road this weekend. Saturday seems the best suited.

    Well the weather forecast looks brilliant - 21c & sunny last time I checked.

    And considering Stoner just won @ P.I. we are all bike crazy (not that we never weren't)

    Last time I went down (about 3 weeks ago) it was fantastic, not too many cars, and the weather wasn't too bad. Had a run in with the Boys in Blue, lesson learnt - don't do 110km in a 60k zone! Take it easy on the straights...

    Looking to met up with people in Geelong around 10am (at Bunnings in Waurn Ponds) and aim to get to Apollo Bay for some lunch. We can then take it from there, either head on further and do the big sweepers, or just turn around and come home.

    Definitely taking the back road into Lorne, as that first part of the GOR is chaotic!

    The route isn't set in stone, so whatever suits!

    Riders of any experience welcome, we are not all Rossi's (me far from it)! Just out there to enjoy ourselves!

  2. Hi,

    A few of my mates are planning to head down that day as well, we are coming from Melbourne.

    Do you want to meet in Geelong and go together?
  3. For those in Melbourne who want to join us, we are meeting at the Shell station before the West Gate and heading down.
  4. Sounds great mate.

    Sent you a PM.

    For those interested, normally meet at Bunnings in Waurn Ponds - on the way to the GOR.

    What time suits you?
  5. PM replied.

    10am sounds fine.

    See you there!
  6. what time?
  7. I'd say 9am latest.
  8. cool i'll be there.
    haven't done the GOR in ages
  9. i reckon i'll come too, depends how tired i am by the end of the week tho.

    yet to do GOR, and wanting. so should be sweet :grin:

    shall let u know. if i do come, ill meet @ Shell too
  10. Sounds great guys.

    Should be a good sized crowd! If we all make it, should be around 7 - all different bikes and different riding levels.

    So lets just make the most of the day.

    Forecast is 25c and Sunny!

    nibor - hope you can make it mate - the GOR is the greatest ride when the weather is fine! Shouldn't be too many cars either.
  11. Awesome stuff.

    See you there.

    Nibor, hopefully see you there as well!

    Weather is going to be a big plus for this ride!!
  12. Sounds like it will be a great turnout.

    Should be around 8-10 of us.

    I'll see you all at Bunnings at Waurn Ponds around 10am after all you Melbourne boys meet up at Shell before the Westgate Bridge @ 9am.

    The weather looks amazing!

  13. lol, yer im there for sure, got out of work easy. trying to ditch work/push it into the evening for sunday, so i can ride to Moe or something too :grin:

    is an awesome w/e for a ride :)

    cya in the morn!
  15. weeeeell im home :p
    cheers for what was gonna be an awesome day, Ash.
    and f*ck you, oilslick.
    no rides for me till the bike is fixed replaced, will let ya's know how it goes.
    Nee, hope the knee is ok, and heals up nice n quick.

    oh n Ash i'll need to grab those photo's off you, i'll PM you my msn.

  16. Home safe resting that knee.

    Cheers to all for helping out and waiting around.

    Hope you all still got a few good corners in.

  17. What happened to your knee Nee? :shock:

    It sounds like not such a good day for some. :( I hope you guys are all alright. Sympathetic cyber hugs sent to anyone who argued with spilt fluids. :)

    On the bright side, it would have been lovely weather on the GOR. The spur saw a bug infestation of massive, awesome proportions today so you didn't miss anything. The air was black with the bastards (or at least my visor was) like you wouldn't believe! :shock: :)
  18. I don't think the Diesel spill was an issue, it was so thin that it wouldn't cause you to wash the front of your bike out.

    I went through that corner at 100-100kmhr straight over the diesel, Dane followed on his ZX10R and neither of us noticed any movement on our bikes - mate, I think you just went in to hard trying to follow us, got on the brakes and washed out.

    Either way it happened, the diesel wasn't to blame. It was your inexperienced & reckless riding that put you and another rider down.

    I'm glad it wasn't me you caused to crash, because you would be buying me a new R1 on Monday due to your recklessness.

    If there's a lesson to learn its this; everyone begins somewhere, we are not all Rossi's and when with fellow motorcyclists, show respect and don't act like your out to prove yourself - we were out for an enjoyable ride on one of the greatest roads in Australia, and you recked it by acting the fool.

    Learn for next time...I surely won't be with you next time though, and if I am, I'll be way infront and staying away from the carnage you cause.

    Good luck with the compo claim & I'll email those pics of the diesel spill to you.

  19. Hey Mate,

    Wasn't good to see you get caught up in all this, I hope that you heal quickly! Great to see the Lorne Medical Centre were onto it ASAP - hopefully the ride home wasn't too bad.

    We got a few good corners in, but then the guy on the RGV250 came off around Skene's Creek Road - so thats 3 down in one day!

    But other than that, it was brilliant!

    Had lunch & a few beers at Apollo Bay.

    Keep in touch mate, I'll let you know when the next ride is!

  20. RGV guy

    Yeah pretty happy that the nurses patched me up pretty quick.
    But I started leaking a little on the way home a little blood soaked sock.

    Knee should be ok in a week or two. I don't blame Rob for my off I should have stayed back a bit further considering he is an L plater. And I knew not to hold the front brakes in gravel... just my hand muscles weren't responding to brain functions.

    He could have been spooked by his entry speed but I don't remember seeing his tail light flash on... meh. Just glad I stayed away from the guard rail.

    Hope the guy on the RGV is ok.
    He didn't have too much protection on lower half of body.
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Not open for further replies.