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GOR on Sunday 13th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Bladewar, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Just posting up a ride to LAVERS HILL on Sunday 13th

    Im going to be at the Caltex servo on the Princes hwy (the one that is near the greyhound track) as soon as you enter Geelong. at 10am.. leaving at 10.30am.

    Riding to: Waurn Ponds > Deans Marsh > Lorne >Apollo Bay > Lavers Hill. Stopping for lunch somwhere :) then returning the same way.

    Am travelling the same stretch on Saturday so i can give a road update regarding roadworks etc or anyone that happens to be heading the same way i am :p

  2. Well, yesterdays scoot along the GOR was fantastic. no one turned up at the meet point so it was just me and a mate who followed in his ute.

    There was very little traffic for the entire day which was great considering that it was a sunday and a long weekend, the weather was fantastic. except it got a little chilly and a smidge of rain as we came up to the twelve apostles.

    and on a side note, it was even better to see cars using the slow vehicle turnouts, almost fell off the bike the first time it happened out of sheer astonishment ! :eek: :LOL: and then most people used them so i had a day almost entirely at speed.

    Anyway Shiney side up all ..