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GOR Learner Friendly Ride Thursday 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Freeform, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Got the day off this Thursday so I'm gonna have a ride down the GOR.

    It will be at speed limits as I can't afford to get any fines or demerits.
    Breakfast in Geelong with scenic stops and coffee/lunch somewhere a bit further down the coast.
    It will not be extreme distances and I expect to get back to the cbd in the afternoon.

    I can take corners above recommended speeds but don't expect anyone that comes along to, I have a lot of patience.

    This will be a small group ride unless there is a lot of interest, which means that we will stay as a pack and match the slowest riders speed, hopefully avoiding too much corner marking.

    If a few come along I expect everyone to have a crack at leading, even learners.

    This is a relaxed social ride, riders that want to ride at a faster pace then the group or race are not welcome.

    Register interest below and if there is anyone we can organise meet points/times/route :)
  2. Interest has been registered ^^
  3. Nice one mate :), I'll wait until Wed avo to make a final meet time post etc, probably leaving from outbound shell before the westgate bridge, but will advertise a meet place/time in geelong for people too.
    How early do you want to start?
  4. Im easy on the time. No worries there.
  5. Wish I was down there in Melbourne. Just left there to come back home :(
  6. im interested mate. Was actually planning on going down on thursday and taking the misses on the back. Might tag along with you guys if thats ok?
    what time u thinking of departing? i was thinking around 7 or 8 am:grin:
  7. mmm, I have only been to the GOR 4 times this Summer. Any chance of making it a 7am start? How far along the GOR do you want to go? If only to Lorne, can we not go via the Geelong rd. Plenty of back roads too Deans Marsh then GOR.
  8. What Max said.
    I'm off work and go back tomorrow (Thursday) :(
    Try to make it at least to the apostles, as then the ride becomes worthwhile.
    Have fun, and take pics.
  9. Apostles and back is decent advice.
  10. Yep im all up for the apostles and back, 7am for 7:30 departure at the outbound shell on Westgate? We can have a meeting regarding everyones opinions on a route and how they want to spend the day and go from there. I think thats the best option

    This one:

    Then I was thinking taking a break in geelong for a quick breakfast if anyones up for it, and onwards to the GOR, taking stops whenever people require them and a longer one for lunch. The Geelong road is a decent idea too, its up to the masses.

    We can make a plan on turning back as the day unfolds.

    Let me know if this suites everyone but as it stands all you have to know is 7am at outbound shell.
  11. Just spoke to the misses, i have been told to fill up the camelback for tomorrows ride, il be pillioning for 2 now:eek:wned:
    We are looking at departing early as its meant to heat up quickly tomorrow. Maybe also looking at having a dip in the water at Lorne:D
  12. And yes everyone is more then welcome so long as they take note of the ground rules in my original post
  13. Sounds great kinky, a dip isn't a half bad idea, I'll bring some shorts just in case.

    7am meet at that location is fine for you guys?
  14. yeah mate rock n rollin for 7am.
  15. That link is where we are meeting at 7.00 jay? try linking again
  16. lol still not working, is it just me?
  17. hahaha there we go! :D

    Yep no drama's mate, try and get there at 8:20-8:30 and if you are not there by 8:45 we will be moving on probably, Ill get you to PM me your number so we can contact each other if anything comes up, saves wasted time.