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GOR, Arthurs Seat, GAR & the Spurs...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by MV, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. So, I have some time off in the new year, I reckon three days of riding will be good for the soul!

    The Great Ocean Road, a ferry ride to Arthurs Seat, off to the Great Alpine Road & then back through the Spurs/Kinglake & then home. Simple right?

    I have mapped out a preliminary route, if anyone has any suggestions, better roads, roads to avoid, I'm all ears!

    Looking at around 500kms per day...

  2. I want in !!

    PS: looks the goods.
  3. We did the Bonang earlier in the year if you haven't done that it is well worthwhile. I little bit of dirt but it is well graded and smooth and the rest is twisty heaven. :)
  4. I would seriously reconsider the princess hwy through morwell, sale, bairnsdale as it's boring as crap.
    Why not head down via the coast, prom and work around back up to Bairnsdale before the Alpine Rd.
    There are a few hidding riding treasures through there too like Poowong, etc.
  5. Mmmmm hidding treasures....must find.
  6. It does look like a great ride. Are you planning to overnight in Bairnsdale?

    Was thinking that you could enliven the trip between Warragul and Bairnsdale by heading:
    Drouin--> Buln Buln East --> Westbury --> Rawson --> Glengarry --> Toogabbie --> Cowwar--> Heyfield --> Maffra --> Stratford --> Meerlieu --> Bengworden --> Bairnsdale.

    But then again, with so much that's fine and twisty to come, I can appreciate why you might be opting for the more direct route.

    I quite like the short cut past Sale between Fulham and Myrtlebank. Picturesque! Nice to see you're taking that in. (There is also a nice run down Holts lane that will take you back onto the highway if you keep heading to Maffra rather than just heading down the Mytlebank road.)

    [Edit: Just read Joe's post. He's right. Much better!]
  7. Of course you all know I ment Hidden...](*,)..

    I have no idea why I get so many typos when on the laptop....:-s
  8. Course I know you ment hidden. It sounded better as hidding riding treasures :)

    The buttons on the lappy are too flat and close to one another and you are trying to type too fast too.
  9. Limited timeframe, three days max I think.

    I will map it out & see if adds much...


    Added few little tweaks as well...
  10. Definitely Poowong-Leongatha-Mirboo Nth-Boolara rather than Warragul, and Bengwarden. Other, smaller options, too.
    You do understand that Jamieson to Cambarville is nearly all dirt, don't you? Jamieson to Eildon is nearly finished being sealed but still has screenings all over it (I'm told).
  11. Done.

    Nope. These are the things I need to know! Is there a distinction in google maps at all?
  12. Sounds awesome MV..now for those days off in the New Year to join in on the fun ! (y)
  13. MV if this falls between the 11th and 19th of Jan count me in too.
  14. Probably first week Jan at this stage, still up in the air though.

    Supposed to be back at work on the 10th.
  15. No, you can't tell from the map image. You need to use the satellite view and zoom in as much as you can to get a look at it.
    Jamieson to Woods point and cambarville junction is do-able on a road bike but it's still fairly rough, slow going and a long way. Not a lot of alternatives to the Mansfield Yea leg unless you take the unswept new road around the south end of Lake Eildon.

    Another one: if you've got excess time and energy on your hands by the time you hit Bright, consider a detour over Tawonga Gap, north on Kiewa Valley hwy to Running Creek and back to Myrtleford via Happy Valley.
  16. good to know about the dirt, hahah
  17. Dirt..smirt. Its only a bit of gravel. I did the Kevington to back of Marysville. 65km's of the shtie on the Viffer (thanks to Google Maps!)