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GOR and revenue = summer fun

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Good morning all

    As 3AW says - "Rumor that is fact"

    1). Police will be patrolling the GOR this summer. the emphasis has apparently moved away from the Black Spur and this summer they are focusing on the GOR

    2). Police are riding 3 unmarked R1 - in black leathers and black helmets with the police band around the base of the helmet. The bikes have fibre-glass tail bags where lights are hidden

    3). As of approximately 6 weeks ago, the vehivle mounted radar that detects speeders coming from the opposite direction are now linked with "head office". The police now do not have discretionary powers to overlook speeding. If the radar records 110km/h and the officer does not have a matching booking - the officer must answer to it.

    4). Police will be patrolling the Colac Otway road from Moriac to Forrest also.

    Ride safe all.
  2. Thanks Skuffy !

    :evil: :evil:
  3. Even cops are being replaced by technology now.

    Police discretion out the window and robocop in the door.
  4. Revenue sources must be protected.

    Gotta pay the myki bills somehow eh.
  5. BASTARDS !!

  6. that sucks that they've done away with police discretion.
  7. I liken it to mandatory sentencing. This, as you know, always faces huge opposition whenever it's raised as an issue. But when it comes to motoring offences, you're deemed guilty until proven guilty. And you cop the penalty that's allocated to that offence. And if you challenge it in court they'll hit you harder because you had the unmitigated gall and the temerity to exercise your rights to a "fair" trial.
  8. i reckon this is a huge plus guys.....why is everyone so upset :-k everyone knows people that ride r1 are straight line hereo's :-w so basically as long you know how to ride/corner good times await :rofl: love to see there books when they come back to the cop shop.....

    sarg: why didn't you book all these bikes that past you?

    officer: they weren't travelling in a straight line! :rofl: \:D/ :dance:

  9. even the police dont like it from what ive herd, i was told that there are couple of officers that are being looked at for lowering radar speed to give a lower fine. technology sucks some times
  10. sounds to me like they want to hold races down there,
    where first place means you get to keep your license,
    second place means you go to jail.
  11. just have to keep an eye on the right wrist.

    was down there today inthe car (don't ask :evil: ) and saw at least 1 bike (have suspicions on a second) and about 3 cars (marked and unmarked)

    so i guess mitigating circumstances are now a think of the past/ or a matter for court rather than discussion with the relevant officer.

    BB certainly is watching now
  12. they've had unmarked police bikes for years.

    they've targeted GOR for years.

    what's new?
  13. I can see alot of dangerous pursuits, dodgy uturns on blind corners, etc. coming up as a result of this.
  14. there are a large number of places on the GOR where speed cameras are impossible to place and pursuit or 'rego collecting' would be very difficult. most of these places are in the fun tiwsty bits so as long as you watch your speed on the long and straight you should be fine. main spots are always
    1 - middle of point roadknight (60 zone)
    2 - coming into lorne (50 zone)
    3 - coming into Skeenes Creek (80 and 70 zones)
    4 - coming into Apollo Bay (50 and 60 zones)

    watch it in these spots and you'll be hard done to get caught.

    p.s - speeding is bad m'kay