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GOR Advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. G'day all, I am hoping to pass my licence test tomorrow and hopefully will be able to celebrate with a gentle ride along the GOR this weekend. I have never ridden this road and was hoping for some advice.

    Is it suitable for newer riders ( I will be taking it easy, more of a sight seeing ride).

    What are the better routes to take (I will be leaving from Werribee), was thinking of heading out to Winchlesea and then cutting through to the GOR via Deans Marsh, or is it better to sart from Anglesea and head toward Lorne / Apollo Bay etc.

    Sorry for all the questions.
  2. I can't help you out with your GOR query as I've never done it before, but just wanted to say 'all the best' for tomorrow. :)

    Let us know how you go. :)
  3. Thanks Rosie :) , will let you know.
  4. The GOR isn't too bad...

    The main things I can suggest are... watch out for gravel on the sides of the road, especially near slow-vehicle turnouts, sometimes the middle if there's been a rockfall...

    It can be wet and slippery in shadowy areas, as there's a lot of rainfall and humidity around the GOR. Takes a while to dry out.

    Motorcyclists and car drivers alike can often be found coming towards you in your lane as they try to overtake slow vehicles - sometimes on blind corners, so stay fairly wide in the turns (late apex!)

    It's a great touring road, though. :)

    Not sure about alternate entry points - I entered from Anglesea, myself.
  5. The GOR is no worse than any other road - in fact it's actually in far better condition than most rural highways. It's only got a high accident rate because people use it as a racetrack - ride it at a sensible pace and you should be fine. Just be wary of tossers in cars (and on bikes) that can't stay on their own damn side of the road in corners.
  6. Firstly, all the best for your licence!

    I found the Black Spur past Healesville to be the most predictable set of twisties with pretty much all great road surface. The GOR has plenty to dodge such as rocks, bumps, potholes, tourists, corners that tighten... There can also be strong gusts of wind that catch you out on certain faces of the corners. I wouldn't recommend it until you're comfortable with other twisties, especially if you're going by yourself. It can be done and it's absolutely beautiful scenery, but it's also more hair-raising, even when going slow.

    If you go, ideally go in nice whether (not too wet or windy) and take a sensible buddy as support (not one that will egg you on).
  7. I would suggest going in from Torquay rather than the back way. With less experience a twisty downhill from Deans Marsh into Lorne is way harder to negotiate than the GOR itself from Anglesea way. If you're doing it as a sight seeing ride then the view is much better along the GOR itself rather than inland all the way to Lorne.

    Good luck tommorrow. :grin:
  8. The GOR was in good condition yesterday. Watch for bumps mid-corner and 4WDs oncoming in your lane. Watch out for clueless tourists and handgliders hovering 3 ft above your head.
  9. Hopper...this is a tuff one to answer...it really depends on your abilities and confidence in the twisties.

    Honestly...unless you have had some experience in twisty sections, the GOR could be a little intimidating, given the fact that you may have to dodge the odd rock, gravel, tourist bus or car, while trying to 'learn', mate.

    The GOR is not a bad place...but that does'nt mean it's a good place for you to be, just after having got your licence.

    I would'nt descourage you at all...but I would ask you to use alot of caution and keep your eyes peeled, eh. :)

    Let us know how it goes if you head down there. :)
  10. Why not wait another week or so... the Full Moon Ride III will be going to the GOR. But then again... doing the GOR on a weekday makes much better sense than labour day long weekend.
  11. Never done it on a bike but done it more times than i care to remember in the car.

    I'd say the best way is start at Torquay then on to Apollo Bay on the way down. It starts off with nice relaxed sweeping corners and they get a little tighter towards Lorne and more so after Lorne to Apollo Bay.

    Just after Lorne on the way to Apollo bay after you cross the bridge and start to climb up for about the next 5k's take it real easy, the road is tight and can be wet and slippery on many blind corners!

    Id suggest going inland on the way back from Apollo bay but that road in my opinion is a lot more demanding than the GOR and i wouldn't try it unless you really feel up to the job.

  12. Thanks for all the advice guys, I think I may wait until I have a little more experience before tackling the GOR. I might do the "Meredith" ride again, that was a great ride with some nice gentle sweepers.

    BTW.... I passed my licence test today \:D/ :biker: :beer:
  13. :woot: Congrats HOpper!!! No more L plate for you :cool:
    I don't know if you'll find the same, but I rode quite a bit better after getting my full licence. I don't know if it was the extra training, having the break from my accident, or the psychological effect of removing the L plate :? . Whatever, have fun!
  14. Congrats! :cool:

    If you feel the need to go for a ride up Meredith way and want someone to tag along send me a pm. I actually went up there for a ride Sunday just past, and trying to arrange a few friends to come next time as well. If i ever get them to agree on a time ill send you a pm to see if you want to come along as well.

  15. Congrats on the pass Hopper!! now some real learning begins...

    check out this thread, I put up a while back. Roarin suggested some roads which sound quite good and hopefully will be empty during the busier times like weekends and public holidays.
  16. Thanks Pinkxie, is a great boost taking the L plate off, the extra instruction today was great, really reinforced the training from the L test, and I felt that I was already alot smoother.

    im.on.it, thanks mate.

    Jamie, more than happy to go for a ride, I beleive we live close, so anytime you are going either pm me or sms me, I will pm my mobile # to you. Cheers mate.

    Thanks everyone !
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  18. Congratulations Hopper!

    I really should book in to do mine. I say I haven't had time to, but deep down I'm nervous...it's probably silly but I can't help but wonder if I'm not ready yet. Note to self : Must change way of thinking.
  19. Hi Rosie, going by what you post here and the number of klm's you cover on the bike, you are more than ready to go for your licence. I actually found the licence course easier than the Ls course. The practice that you get before hand really reiterates what you learned whilst doing your Ls and the instructor at Stay Upright was really helpful with things such as riding posture, cornering and road craft.

    Change your mindset Rosie, go for it ! :biker:
  20. Did you have Wayne?