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GOR accommodation?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Redmosquito13, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Hi all, the wife and I are going to do our first long distance ride together, part of which will be the GOR, in mid April. Was wondering if people had any recommendations for accommodation somewhere between Anglesea and Apollo Bay.

    Could be cabins in a caravan park, room in a pub, motel or airbnb, as long as it was reasonably priced and the bikes were able to be on-site and fairly secure. Thanks for any feedback.

  2. Plenty of good accommodation in Apollo Bay. We stay with friends so I can't recommend anything. Just look around. Even have backpackers stuff. Central to some good roads.
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  3. I would recommend you go further than Apollo Bay, some of the best of the GOR is past there. Perhaps Port Campbell, there is lots of accommodation there from Backpackers to 4 star.

    Also Gorge Chocolates and Apostle Whey Cheese as good spots to visit. Of course the 12 apostles for some scenic pics.
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  4. Thanks. Yeah we will be going on to Warrnambool, but we are going to stop somewhere along the GOR due to the distance we will have traveled to get there from our previous stop. The wife has not done a multi-day bike trip, so don't want to do really long days in the saddle.
  5. Give me a call if you get to Warrnambool, if I'm free I could give you a bit of a tour - best scenery is past the 12 Apostles
  6. Ok, In Apollo Bay, there is a Big 4 caravan park if you want a cabin. Generally cheap and cheerful. On the other hand one bedroom penthouse apartments with ocean views at the Apollo. If you know your dates you can get very good deals for high end accommodation using the aggregation sites such as booking.com or Trivago.com.au

    For roads the inland Deans Marsh route is a variation on the GOR for either the downward or upward journey.
    For a bit of fun Turton's Track is interesting, temperate rain forest, narrow and twisty. Not one to be tackled when tired. If this is your first big trip maybe save for next time. Your call.
  7. Cheers! Thanks for the tips.
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  8. Agreed. Just past Port Campbell, in Peterborough is Great Ocean Road Tourist Park - fully recommended, and motorcycle friendly.
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  9. Thanks for the offer! I know the area pretty well as my mum's side of the family live there so i'll be spending my time catching up with them.
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