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GoPro video of my Suzuki

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by brent88, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. #1 brent88, Aug 20, 2012
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    Hey, only been riding just over a month but made this video for a bit of fun and to test out my new camera. Maybe I can get some pointers on my riding from you guys. Enjoy.

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  2. Fantastic quality! Looks like a great road. Well done on such a high quality video with no shitty music!
  3. only been riding for just over a month.
  4. have a look how close your toes are to the bitumen???
    You wanna put the pad of your foot on to the peg, great vid angles, well done :)
  5. goddie, the pad? I just realised I normally have my foot in the same position - the kind of heel part of the boot (gap?) resting on the peg. Is this wrong?
  6. Thanks everyone, yeah when leaning I may put my feet in a downshift position so I can keep my toes after seeing the video but the wide angle lens may make it look closer to the ground.

    Thanks Jimbo everyone has different music taste and if they want to listen to music while they watch my video they can just play it in Winamp I guess.

    Anymore thoughts/tips?
  7. Maybe post in Multimedia for a start champ.
  8. Out of curiosity, what back did you have on the camera case? Did you have the one that has holes in it or the complete one? If that makes sense :p
  9. The one with holes, I have also heard you can put foam over the mic to cut down wind noise but i think it does a pretty good job as is considering.
  10. Nice lens work there, looks like your pretty comfy with the 2fiddy.
  11. Been along those paths before - great vids. If you need a riding pal sometime let me know.

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  12. needs more powerranger, when you try to lean you seem to crossover you may want to practice your positoning into corners.

    Thanks for the video, looks like a nice little road, exept for the cyclists/peds.
  13. @cmarico- Yeah thats where it is most comfortable for me too but I have been told to put my heel on the peg?

    @Justus- the camera must make it look faster ha ha:angel:

    @richo307 Yeah thanks, where are you from?

    @Coxc Yeah I gotta work on the positioning of my torso and yeah a lot of walkers and cyclists but not too many other motorists:)
  14. Same as you.
  15. Nice video Brent :). Looks like you are getting comfortable with the awesome Across :D. As pointed out before, your foot might need repositioning. I have the ball of my feet on the pegs through corners, this helps stability some what. Position yourself before the corner and try to get into the proper/comfortable gear/speed before you tip in, this will reduce your chances of upsetting the bike through the corner. Smooth is key through the corner, so if you are all set up, it will flow.

    Also when you take the corner on the Across, try to enter the corner somewhere between 5000-7000RPM (IMPORTANT:try to do this by feel/sound rather than looking at the tacho please...keep your eyes on the next bend!). This is because most of the good torque on the Across (well on mine anyway) comes on between 7000-9000 and dies off at around 10000. So when you enter the corner at say 6000RPM, you can throttle on earlier (smoothly) without too much torque (or lack there of) kicking in and unsettling the bike. As you come mid corner and ready to power out, you will hit the sweet power/torque and can come out smoother and faster. This reduces bogging down or running out of puff when exiting.

    Regarding body positioning. Try to work on your upper body first before you become a bum shifter. If you know the roads well and set a comfortable speed for the corner, move your upper body into the corner and then tip it in. Make this a habit and eventually you'll be doing it naturally, one less thing to think about.

    I'm by far no expert at this, but this is what I do and it works for me. I like to add I don't carve the twisties very often so I may have forgotten a few things, so someone can chime in to agree or disagree with me.
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  16. This is sped up, right?
  17. @ Alexanderino- No, but thanks (the wide angle lens can make things at the edges of the screen appear to move faster)

    @Phongus- Yeah i usually have the revs a little lower but just kept the bike singing for the video ha ha. Gotta work on my body positioning i know, will keep trying to move a little bit more as u say.

    @richo307- add me on facebook (or anyone else that wants to) https://www.facebook.com/brenton.telford
  18. Haha, nice!