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GoPro v Contour HD

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Rusti_GotRage, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. So I'm looking at getting myself a nice HD cam to record rides with...

    There seems to be lots of buzz about the GoPro's, but I must say I like the look of the Contour HD cams, especially the idea of it being helmet mounted so I'm recording what I look at, not just the road in front of the bike.

    I'm after pros/cons on both cameras so I can try and make an informed decision based on peoples experience, not just on what I THINK might be good...

    So - Why the GoPro over the Contour? or Vice Versa...?
    Pros/Cons on fixed to the bike vs helmet mounted?

  2. I have a GoPro HD and love it to bits, check out my Vimeo videos with the different mounting points. Ive mounted it on the bike out in front (great but a bit shaky), mounted it on the suction on the tank (good but difficult to position), chest mounted (bargage signe all I see is the huge as XVS650 spedo), and finally helmet mounted (far less shaking and looks really nice).

    The GoPro can be mounted on the helmet easily but might not look as good as the contour. I havent tried the contour yet but from comparisons between my videos and Contour videos it seems that the GoPro has far better sound quality, less wind noise and more engine growl. After a while hearing the engine is as good as watching the video to me this is very important.

    Another GoPro advantage is its better waterproofing and enclosure. You can use it deeper underwater and is a very tough unit. I haven’t dropped it on the bike yet but have dropped it from the awning roof.
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  4. The stealth DOES look good... might be a winner right there :p
  5. Drift is larger than it appears, google for a picture of it next to the go gro and you will see how big it is. However, it does have some nice features such as the integrated screen and remote, and not as awkward looking as the go pro when mounted on a helmet.

    The contour looks like a good choice your primary requirement is helmet mount, otherwise go pro for the win. It comes in a water tight polycarbonate enclosure, very tough and rain is of no concern.

    Take a look at this video, it shows the image quality and durability.