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GoPro Test Video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Bamm-Bamm, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. A test vid of the GoPro HD Motorsport Camera

  2. cheese mate, did you have to speed up the video :angel:
  3. very nice, love the music and the road as well.
  4. Nice vid :)

    I do love that ride..have done it many times myself :)
  5. I dont know mate, using the wide angle and mounting it on the helmet makes things go very iffy. Its hard to tell since the lense distorts things.

    I love the video and wish we had a road like that close by :(
  6. Don't worry it's not that close by, we still have a 80-100km hike to get there. Nice vid.
  7. Noice. :)

    I've been fiddling around with mine a bit, experimenting with positions and resolutions.

    Tried the suction cup on the fueltank (with a safety lanyard around the handlebars between the two risers), which works pretty good.

    Tried the camera on top of the helmet, which looks a bit weird to people nearby and makes the footage a bit weird too - the footage looks like it's being filmed from the moon and the fisheye around the edges (1) makes it look like the rider's doing Mach 18 and (2) results in a lot of distracting optical distortion 'cause of the camera aiming down a bit.

    Next up I'm gonna try the camera on the front of the chinbar... I think that'll be a good compromise. :)
  8. Spots, you might like the chest harness for your GoPro - it allows for tilt adjustment, and you still get the movement of the rider as well as the road in your footage....
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    Which is exactly what I've done with mine, for exactly the reasons you give.

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    Lol I like your comment....................."Some random guy I found on the internet, riding a bike."

    Ive been using my chest harness as a Dogcam, bit shaky but I think having it on the head would make it a bit more stable.
  11. I reckon your mad using a chest harness on a bike, ask Finn what happened to him with just having an iPhone in his top pocket
  12. Those plastic attachments arent very strong really and will snap off...in saying that I dont want to try having an off with the gopro attached.
  13. Fair point I guess - admit I've only used mine once, for test purposes...
    And I was mad before I got back into bikes ;)
  14. I thought I was pretty mad doing my initial test on mine with the elastic head-strap come jock-strap thing, wondering at what speed it was going to blow off and destroy several hundred dollars worth of brand new camera...

    "Daddy? Why's that man got a G-banger on his head?"
  15. No, no, the "Most Likely To Result In Tremendous Pain In 3... 2... 1..." award goes to Narwhal cam, which creates wicked footage whilst making the engineer in me tremble in fear at the thought of just how much leverage that skipole has on the rider's neck should he crash.

    Behold - Narwhal Cam! http://vimeo.com/14638294
  16. I'm pretty sure the chest harness was designed for motorcross, where the majority of safe riders wear upper body armour
  17. Having thought about this on the way home, I think the fact it's mounted on an elastic harness rather than attached to the jacket (ie like in a pocket...) is an important difference.
    Having said that, the same thinking has lead me to decide it's still not a good idea to wear it on the bike.
    I wonder if Mrs Kreeper would let me wear it in the bedroom?
  18. Hey, somebody's got to keep uploading POVs. We'd hate to run out.
  19. :rofl:
    I actually had the thought: "Another fukn POV on the web..."
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