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GoPro - Palm Cove to Mt Molloy

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by cejay, May 16, 2011.

  1. Went out on Saturday and had some fun with the GoPro.

    From Palm Cove to Mt Molloy

    I was having fun with Youtubes automatic music function...excuse the opera!!


    I had no idea that the front suspension was doing all that. And the delicate way how the rear brake is used...These camera's are great!
  2. that is crystal clear 'Cejay......... brilliant vid, and looks a great ride BTW....

    now give me the 'goss'.......if you will?

    what setting is the Gopro on to get such clarity? and as a matter of interest any other upload info you can would be appreciated...........

  3. superclear and not shaky at all wow. GoPro normally has trouble with low light. How did you mount it looking back?
  4. Camera was mounted on side of water reservoir.


    I use iMovie and manually increased the exposure for the dark parts of the trip. It's pretty crude, but works well enough. The image is also upside down, but I use iMovie to flip it over. For the forward shots I turn the camera around.

    It's the most stable mount point for my bike currently. I might get the bar mounts and see if that works as well.

    I have the 960HD, so I pick the middle resolution of 720 @ 30fps.
  5. Cejay.........can you clarify with regards to your compression mate??....... I assume that is what is screwing with my vids.........a 1.3Gb movie that is compressed to 250Mb with (free) moviemaker....... then downloaded to Vimeo (which probably screws with it more :(
  6. I use a Mac and iMovie and this has a direct to YouTube export option. I assume it sends it native to YouTube who then compress on the fly. Perhaps you should export out of Moviemaker at no compression or as close to lossless you can get and then import into YouTube and see how that goes?