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GoPro near misses

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Shtumpa, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Howdy,

    I'm sure there are a few of us with cams on our bikes now, we should start posting vid's to show the stupid things that happen to us when out on the roads...

    Would help New riders to see what sort of crap goes on and what to look out for ...


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  2. Not a video, but had the gopro strapped to the bike on the uni via nasho run. He appeared incredibly shocked that he almost got knocked the **** out by a motorbike:




    checking my mirrors as I passed I saw him on the ground as he tried to get back onto that ledge thing

    EDIT: side note, I love that thing where people run at least halfway across the road, see a car coming at where they are standing, panic and run back to where they started
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  3. Excellent, that's the sort of thing I'm talking about, Keep em coming .. good stuff !!! Nice one, thanks
  4. That dude totally could have made it....

    I think that camera setup is a good idea. I might have to get one of those.
    I think if this thread gets up and running it will be a big help to a lot of newer riders.
  5. is that a ninja 250? you certainly had the revs up for 50kph. nice avoidance anyway
  6. Indeed.

    Plus it will be valuable to our political interests :)
  7. Holy shiz. That truck would have cleaned up most inexperienced riders!
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  8. It's a wide angle lens, so things appear further away than they really are. I was right on the edge of the bitumen, and had maybe 6-8 inches clearance from the truck.
    The real problem was not being able to turn left until i'd passed the truck. (the countersteer would move me a little to the right before i turned left) I judged that i did'nt have the space, so had to keep it straight, then pitch hard left at the last moment.

    Anyway...made it, and that's all that matters.
  9. Outstanding bit of riding there. Thing was it looked like, that because you were looking well ahead it gave you a split second extra to get a line to give you the best chance. Almost pre empting the truck. A good mix of hazard perception as well as active avoidance

    Another great video on mid corner braking in that set too!
  10. Nice piece of riding there.
  11. Yes mate, i saw the truck a little before it comes into view of the camera, immediately realized big trees left - no go! But i had to get verticle quickly and stabilize, so got off the throttle, no braking. Just neutral, relaxed, and eyes glued straight ahead BEYOND the truck, till i could make a move and pitch left pretty late in the corner. Could have turned alot harder, but no need to in the end...just let it run wide. Back when you could cross a white line without being declared an enemy of the state.
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  12. What an arsehole !!! the truck that is , lol

    Nice save, good to see the threads taken off, good to see this sort of stuff ... very helpful for people who think , nnnaaaaa... THAT could never
    happen !!! Just shows there are all kind of dickheads out there, I would have hated to be in a car, thats for sure, would have been lights out ..

    Cheers ...
  13. FAAAARK! How were your trousers after that? At 0:12 you can see from a less wide-angle view the truck was pretty much 100% in your lane leaving you with fsck all free space to aim for.

    I don't suppose you had enough resolution in the original to get his plate or anything?
  14. I can't believe you didn't pull a u-turn and get his rego details!
  15. Don't worry, i've got all his details. And i dropped a uey and went back. I pulled up beside the cab and pointed to the camera, and indicated in that 'cutting throat' hand motion.

    It was no big deal. Had alot worse happen and have successfully negotiated the dangers. It's how you get with alot of exposure and experience, and have made a determined effort the past 6 yrs to really try and perfect ones skills as much as possible.
    That's not a bragg, and i'm definitely not blowing my own horn. That's not my way.
    It is, really just a matter of fact, that it didn't ruffle me at all. ( he says with a humble tone) :)
  16. Should still take it to the police Raven..................these drivers need to understand what theyve done wrong, this should make it safer for the rest of us who arent as skilled.

    Your speed might be an issue though if you did take it to the police :(.

    Great riding though.
  17. From memory you took it to the transport co?