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GoPro Mounts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by devochka, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. When using the suction cap to stick my GoPro HD Hero I get too much vibration so want to try out the Roll Bar Mount.. Has anyone used this with success?


    Annnnnd by any chance, does anyone in Sydney have one that I can borrow for a long weekend away this week? (I've left it too late to order one in online and MCAs doesn't have any in stock!) :-w

  2. ...on second thought no I don't use that one, I use the seatpost mount instead.
  3. If the suction mount is too vibey, I would imagine this one is worse - you're giving up the small amount of damping in the rubber matting, and clamping it directly to the bar that's causing the vibration in the first place?

    However, I've noticed that camera shops are starting to carry GoPro gear now so it couldn't hurt to call around - try Tom Saade's Camera House at Westfield Parramatta for a start, and the Kite Surfing shop at Dolls Point as a last resort (just cos I know you're out west...)
  4. Hmm..you raise a valid point about the vibrations being worse... even more-so that I would love to borrow one to see if it improves the quality before buying one...
  5. Looks like it's exactly the same thing??

    What's it like with the vibration when you use it?
  6. The seatpost mount is a bit smaller. I put some coroplast tape around the handlebar as the plastic on the gopro mount is very hard and not grippy. You could also use rubber amalgamating tape if you want.

    Sample vid here:
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  7. Video STILL won't play for me at work.. but I'll have a look at home.

    Does anyone in Syd by any chance have a mount that I could borrow?
  8. 'Devochka'............ my recommend is DONT buy the roll bar mount, unless you are fitting it to a roll bar, its too bluddy big for the bike
    I bought one with the idea of clamping it to fork legs or rear shocks or wotever but the goddamn screwws get in the way for that as well.........](*,)

    Wot you want, (I got one as well) is the bicycle handlebar mount, it does the job nicely size wise...... and NO! the vibration is negligible.

    The only problem I found is on the 14 the only place I could fit it was on the 45degree upsweap of the bars, between clamps and grip, so not the ideal position...... once again due to those screws being too large so no clearance if fitting between the headstock clamps......

  9. Ahh.. thank you for the suggestion! Well in that case..does anyone have a bicycle mount that I could borrow this weekend? ;) If I was more organised I would have tested this out weeks ago and bought myself one!
  10. Hey all,
    I was wondering where other riders with GoPro cameras have mounted them on their bikes? I ride a GSXR and plan to mount the camera off the frame in the side vent or on the side fairing. Due to a solid visor I am unable to mount behind the screen. I plan to mount the camera permantly on the bike (used to commute daily) so I am looking for a location that is not as noticeable as on the helmet. Suggestions and pictures would be appreciated.
  11. I don't want to attach it to myself, prefer to mount it on the bike.
  12. I have a similar issue atm with my new bike. Vibration is making it hopeless unless mounted to helmet but that gains too much attn.
    Tried the bag rack to no avail. Would mount on tank but tinted screen means u see nothing but the controls.

    Ignore the bad gear changes ...just getting used to it lol
  13. @Jerryx4@Jerryx4 Why don't you use simply use software stabilizer to remove the shakes? Tried using a chest-mount before?

  15. Software can only do so much. If i can secure it alittle better that might work.. will have to change programs tho lol another learning curve
  16. Software smoothing out the footage makes a huge difference. Unless you are using a helmet mount, you will always need to do it because of bike vibrations and body movements.

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