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GoPro Hero3?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by QuarterWit, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Hello All!

    I'm going to take the leap and go and buy a GoPro. Only problem is that the 3 has just been released - but I can't really find anywhere in Australia to get it from? No problems finding a GoPro 2. But not the newest one.

    I can get it from the GoPro site itself, but they want $84.00 for shipping. That gets my back up.

    Any ideas?

  2. I don't know where you can get from here. I bought mine (GP2) about 3 months ago from the OEM Site. After I purchased the extras and such, it worked out much cheaper than getting all the gear here, including freight. This link is a PDF I made at the time I purchased it all. I looked for the cheapest retailers to compare.

    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/64143121/HD Hero Price Comp.pdf

    From the states I only had to wait about 1 week. Their FedEx service had great tracking.

    I do need to stipulate that there can be probs re: warranty however from what I hear. I was willing to risk that though. I think you need to foot the freight bill back to them for warranty repairs. Read the fine print.

    GL mate, I only wished I'd held out a few months to get the 3.
  3. Thanks Kewish.

    A bit annoying that I've finally made the leap during the transition period. Ah well. One will pop up sooner or later. I f'n hate going through a US site and seeing ridiculous postage like $80 from the states. I'd rather them jack up the price than insult me like that.

    Ah wells.
  4. A diving store near town hall in Sydney has ads up on their window.. so probs try adventure type shops? ie hiking, mountain climbing, skiing etc ??

    I have two Hero2s already, so not in the market for one, but will keep an eye out for em.
  5. Im lookin too...
    Still got my Hero that i have yet to permanently fix the rattle on, itll end up being a helmet cam most likely.
    Want a hero3 for the bike cam.... or maybe itll end up the other way round :p.

    Its not really out in aus yet i think. At least, ive seen no online retailers with stock.
  6. No probs champ. GL with it.
  7. I've had my eye on the Hero2 for months now - been entering the "win everything we make" comp literally every day since the start of this month! No luck yet obviously.

    The Hero3 looks amazing on paper - both its specs and the sample images/video I've seen - but as yet I haven't seen whether it's possible to run two side-by-side in 3D mode. I assume they'll bring out a 3D kit for the Hero3 sometime soon, but that's one feature I'm dead keen on... so I've been keeping my eye out to see how cheap Hero2s get once the Hero3 becomes more widely available in Aus.

    FYI, best price I've seen on Hero2 so far is $268 incl shipping from some place called "eGlobal":

    Saw it on another site for $219 but they wanted something like $112.95 for shipping - from an Australian shop, within Australia! Insane.
  8. You actually have to enter that every day?

    Aww man I just thought you signed up once then played the waiting game...
  9. I didn't think they were released until Monday
  10. anyone upgrading to gopro 3 and has a 1 or 2 for sale let me know!
  11. Haha - yep. It's a completely new competition every day, starts at midnight their time (5-6pm-ish I guess here) and ends 24 hours later.

    I'm banking on the hope that other people think it's a sign-up-once kind of deal too... Haven't missed a day yet, 25 days in a row and going strong! No idea how many people actually enter - odds are probably still no better than a one-in-a-million anyway. I just keep telling myself the odds would be even worse if I didn't enter ;)
  12. Dammit lol, I signed up like 3 months ago. Now I have another thing to do daily :p
  13. I also enter on behalf of my wife, and am considering doing the same for my dogs and/or 3-month-old son...
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  14. Friend bought one from JB HIFI today and even managed to haggle the price down to $359
  15. I've given up on my GoPro, it just was too difficult to get it to do what I wanted. Mounting points, downloads all seemed too hard and time consuming.

    I got a Contour +2 and am finding it much, much easier to use. Helmet mounting is fine (doesn't stick up into the wind and create 5,000kg of drag), bluetooth settings and control from my iPhone, GPS tracking embedded, and one click download onto the MacBook.

    Quality seems fine, I'm still playing with resolution and settings but it's dead simple to change with the iPhone. Setting the camera in the mount is simplified with the laser level, again so much easier than the GoPro. I'd put up some clips but most have the speedo in view and are not for public consumption!
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  16. Promo vid for the Contour +2:

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  17. So much rippling/wobbling (not sure what the "technical" term is) in those Contour videos... I'm still saving for a GoPro - I've never seen the same kind of distortion show up in a GoPro video.