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Gopro hero?

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Kawi, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Hello everybody.

    I've been thinking of buying a gopro hero! I've found one at harvey Norman for 198? I know it's 20 dollars more than its worth but it's local and not too far of a distance that I'll feel out of my comfort zone to get there.

    The gopro hero is an entry level action cam and shoots 1080p @ 30fps which is the same as some of the higher end action cameras.

    I'm only wanting to purchase one of these for insurance purposes and to review my driving and see what I can tweek and I guess the odd things I see from time to time.

    So my question is have I made the right choice? Does anyone out there have any experience with this camera? Is there better for my $200 budget?!

    Would love to hear back all pros and cons about this from a users perspective rather than a marketing pitch.

  2. KawiKawi I have one but have only used it on the bike a few times, not sure it would be any good as a dash cam style due to battery life, but fine for recording your rides. The big thing is working out where and how you will mount it, unless you are happy to use those stick in style mounts. I haven't found a place to use the go pro on my new bike that I like without using sticky mounts, which I am not going to do
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  3. Thanks for the reply are you happy with the functions and quality of the gopro hero?

    I've been thinking about mounting in on my helmet because I worry if I mount it to my bike it's not going to record what I see as a rider but just the field of view directly infront of the bike.

    So far how many hours do you get out of your gopro battery?
  4. Hi,

    I used a gopro for a bit not on the brain box as the police tend to disagree with that. But they are a real pita. Just another item to charge each day.

    I instead got an innovv c3 and mounted it to the bike. The lens is water proof and the recorder is under the seat. It runs off the bike so no need to charge and it has loop mode, and starts recording when the bike is running.


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  5. Highly recommend getting a Sony HDR-AS20 action cam (around $200 if you look around). They are the entry level action camera for Sony yet still shoot at 1080/60fps instead of the Hero's 30fps.

    I have a base model hero, a SJ4000 and a Sony as20.....the Sony is my go to camera for riding due to a few reasons:

    - profile.....its a long oval shape and is attached to my helmet very neatly without sticking out like a dick
    - video quality..........IMHO the video is better
    - anti-shake in camera........It has a function you can turn on and off to remove pretty much all shake. This feature reduces the field of vision but works scarily well. One of the main reasons I don't use the gopro and SJ4000 is shake on my little ninja
    - External microphone input. Gopro has this too but it is connected through a mini usb cable instead of the standard 1/8 inch connector
    - Splash proof without case. This is huge as I hate the effect the waterproof case places on any camera with one. So, I don't need that and it can rain pretty solidly before the camera will die.
    - Play memories (software you get with Sony camera) is nice too, though it can be downloaded I'm sure
    - creates in MP4. Important as the SJ4000 created .mov files which degraded badly in any conversion I did.

    Other's I considered before getting this one was the Contour and Ghost HD. The Ghost was too expensive for me, and the Contour consistently performed worse in video comparisons even though it's profile and helmet mounting options are clearly purpose made for motorcycles.

    After a few weeks of using the AS20, I'll never go back to the GoPro unless one day I splash out for a top of the range model.....even then then top of range Sony camera may be worth it too.

    Here is a clip I recently put up on youtube to show you the quality of the AS20....make sure you turn up the resolution of youtube.

    NOTE: My first attempt at mounting the camera was pointing too low, have since rectified
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  6. Whilst looking at options for a helmet cam I picked up a gopro knock off from Aldi from $30 to play with,found a 32gb s10 micro SD card for $10 online.It's quite functional though a little sensitive to light,a couple of hours out of the battery,drive mode records in 5 minute blocks which self erase when the card is full.I have it chin mounted on my helmet after trying a few options.Though not in the class of other cams for $40 I can't complain as a starter,ultimately I'd like a bullet type cam ,I don't want to look like a tetetubby.
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  7. The new Go Pro Hero 4 Session is as small as an ice cube (american ice cubes must be bigger than the ones i'm used to). Not a cheap option but the size factor might be something to look for if using as a helmet cam.

    GoPro Hero 4 Session


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  8. Hey Jaytee thanks for the input I was actually just looking at the reviews for the gopro session.

    Unfortunately it's out of my budget of 250. And it also requires the app or remote to change the functions :/
  9. Have a look at reviews for the Kaiser Baas 100 approx $175 from Dick Smith and JB uses Go Pro mounts etc looks ok
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  10. I just got the GoPro hero 3+ Silver yesterday. Got 2 years warrantee (added extra) chest strap, 32gb micro SD (has to be class 10) box came with a few adhesive mounts and a few others but nothing awesome. Cost $500 flat. Not a cheap start but I want to make a YouTube channel eventually once I figure out how to edit videos, lol.

    After figuring out the angle for the camera on my chest plate I went for a quick test run. Quality of picture was awesome and wind noise was minimal but I find you have to yell a bit to be able to hear yourself on the video. If you have an open faced helmet I would imagine it would be a lot better (may also be able to edit background noise in video to make you voice sound clearer. I want to use on helmet but due to the legal issues I keep hearing about I am holding off) the chest gives you a good view of the bike and the road though.
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    Just realised how old this thread was, lol.
  12. Yeah it's annoying trying to find a good mounting spot. I have a Drift HD which has a reasonable low profile and I do have it on the side of my helmet most of the time (I have a few camera spots for it on the bike). I see quite a few riders with gopro's on their helmets and they tend to stick out like proverbial dogs balls. I know a few vloggers who use an external audio recording device for their videos along with their gopro cameras, it might be the way it go if you can't attach an external mic to the GoPro.
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  13. I'm to the point now where I'm going to start mounting to my bike.

    I tried mounting my AS20 Sony action cam via 3M Dual lock, however I just don't have a flat enough spot on my helmet to engage enough of the hook and loops to make it strong enough. I've an Arai Vector 2.

    Was thinking that a sticky putty like substance that sets hard and sticks like 3M stuff would be awesome so you can mount to any shape surface. Baring that I'm thinking of a small piece of plastic and filing it into shape, sticking that to my helmet then going the dual loakc on top of that.

    I used to use the standard Sony side mount, but it still sticks out a long way. I don't really care how it looks, just didn't like the extra drag or adding weight to the helmet in general.
  14. Yeah mine made me look like iron man the way is bludged out of my chest, just no where near as cool, haha.

    Problem with the go pro is you need the skeleton case to be able to plug anything in but I don't want mine out of it in case I drop it. Currently looking for a WIFI mic or something but no luck so far. External mic might be the way to go.

    That Extra drag would hurt 1/4 mile times Barters 81, lol. I have noticed the adhesive mounts on the gopro seem bloody strong but I don't want to risk it just peeling off. I could always tether it but then its finding a place to do that too without 8 foot of string flying everywhere.
  15. The mounting system that comes with the drift is one of its good points. You get a flat 3M and a curved 3M mount which made it easy for me to get 100% purchase on the side of my helmet (Shark Vision-R S2). The other good point is that the drift is water resistant enough (even with the usb/mic access back panel) that you don't need an extra waterproof case with it. That being said, the quality isn't up there with the higher end GoPro's and if I try to run it at 1080@60fps then my battery life is reduced considerably whereas 1080@30fps I can easily get 3hrs recording out of one battery.

    The 3M stuff is mega strong, just give the mount about 8+ hours to "set" after you mount it and if you can when you initially mount it, put something pressing down on it for half an hour or so without squashing your helmet of course (I used a heavy book). This will ensure you've got good purchase on the two surfaces.

    As for the weight, I have a Sena bluetooth unit on the other side of the helmet so it all balances out ;)
  16. I just went and got the micro adaptor and tried plugging my PS4, I phone and Nokia mics and they seemed all silent. Back to the drawing board. I need to get the Skeleton case to even use the mic though whick sucks. GoPro know how to get ya, lol.

    The GoPro mounts are 3M but I am just paranoid that it will fall off and warrantee doesn't cover smashing them, only covers malfunctions really.
  17. I use the gopro 4 session oh boy it's a bloody good camera piss easy to use .

    image. image.
  18. They are some nice shots mate. What mount set up do you use?

    I rang highway patrol and they said to go to the RTA website and check the laws (in other words they don't know) I checked and it seems as long as there is no structural damage (eg: drilling mount holes would void the AS1698 ) to the helmet its ok.
    "There are no regulations in NSW that specifically prevent adding an accessory to a helmet"-Motorcycle Council of NSW

    So I am thinking I may have to do something like that as my little 125 doesn't really have much space and the space it does have I would see anything.
  19. Barters81Barters81 I just bought the Sony AS20 and am waiting for a cheap handlebar mount to arrive.

    Also checked the Sony website..they have launched a new handlebar mount (meant for bicycles) but should fit thr motorbikes ad well..

    Check it out..the model is VCT-HM2..

    I might pick that up too (the Sony centre doesn't have it yet).
  20. Hey buddy,

    I just use the gopro 3m sticky bases they are rock solid and I use the basic gopro mounts.!!!
    For me I cleaned the service with wax and grease remover and just smashed them on then went riding soon after that.

    The pictures I shown above are pictures pulled from footage recorded.

    The footage is rock solid no shaking etc.

    These are the two mounting spots so far and I'm thinking of buying the suction cup mount to put on side fairing.

    image. image. image.
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