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GoPro Hero 3 unveiled

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pwbike, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Smaller and lighter, same form factor, 4K video @ 15FPS, 1920x1080 @ 60FPS, micro SD. Obviously a new case, etc. Some talk about Wifi built in. Seems they have 3 versions with differing features, target price US$399 for the top of the range.

    I was kind of hoping that they would produce a new model in the bullet style package for discrete mounting on the helmet, still gonna look like a teletubbie.
  2. Weird, link was fine before, you can see it at the GoPro website now
  3. Can it send footage straight to ACA?
  4. Real question is, did they fix the internal rattle :p.
    I was going to buy a hero 2 except that it still rattled!

    Maybe ill get a 3...
    Repaired the rattle myself in my original hero, itll do as a bike camera, the next camera is for the helmet!
    Now to find a good way to record the sound of the bike, because all these cameras suck at that!
  5. Good one, hahaha!
  6. still has the drag coefficient of a brick. Which is really frustrating, because the go pros have the best audio for bikes and are a great camera. But bike mounting the camera opens one up to having it confiscated by the police if you are pulled over speeding. Whereas body mounted is ok.

    Hmm, countours have shit sound, the sony action cam has shit mounts for bikes and sound isnt great.
  7. Looks good but I wish they would of moved from the digital compact camera style to more of a action camera look and had a LCD screen (that you use via WiFi) that you can use if you don't have a Android/iPhone/WP etc device.

    Still looks good though.
  8. Still a stupid shape
  9. LCD screens on those would make it less robust and probably suck more battery life out of it. It'll also make it a little heavier with added screen...the flimsy screens break too easily hence less robust if it falls off the bike. Doesn't GoPro have that LCD attachment as a separate item though which allows for replays?

    Unfortunately, we can't have everything...when on a budget.
  10. Check this video out (HD Hero 2), sound is better than most, although you can't see much. Looks like he/she has tried to position it out of the wind and kept the full case on according to comments below the vid.
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    Hmm silly me forgot to attach link [media=youtube]gMq9K20hSsk[/media]
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    I still find it fairly crappy even with the full case and tucked behind the screen.
    I will be getting a new camera that supports an external mic so i can put a cannon near the pipes. That said the Hero2 is seriously shit with external mic's theres so much drama i read about them not working or being really flat sound etc. Id be putting a battery powered mic so it would absolve much of the issue, but id need to be able to control the gain or the mic would peak out too easily and stuff it up :p.

    Cheers for the link though, it hasnt come up TOO bad...
  14. For anyone that is curious here is a Youtube Vid showing a side-by-side comparison of the Hero 3 "Silver" and Hero 2 for Audio/Wind Noise.

    From what I can tell the Hero 3 does not really have less wind noise but less sound in general and I find the wind noise more obvious due to less other sounds drowning it out. (n)