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GOPRO HD Hero2 Group buy.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by solidsk8, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. I'm organising to do a group buy on these new gen motorsport GOPROs with a few mates in the next couple of weeks and wondering if anyone here would be interested?

    Let me know if you are keen, I can send one on to you for $340.
  2. New display, mic input and can stream over wifi with the wifi bacpac.

    Makes me want to offload my gopro even though I've only used it a handful of times :(
  3. I'd be interested in this. $340 seems to be quite a good price. Is this available for all Aus or just Brissy?
  4. Not having a go at you butthe listed price is $299 (USD) with current exchange rates thats about $290 AUD and freight from the US is generally pretty cheap I would have thought you could land them here for that price purchased alone?

    How many do you have so far ina group buy? You may be able to negotiate a better price?

    Again not chipping you just curious because I would like one of those !
  5. I will organise to post to you anywhere in Australia.

    So far 3 not including myself and fellow Netriders. The price is for $340 per person which includes postage to anywhere in Australia, but, if I get any savings from exchange rates I will pass those savings on too.
  6. woooooooohoooooooooooooo! Check this out

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    Wow. That fisheye effect looks bad or is it just me.
    I really like the fps rate for slowmo clips
  8. u guys should really look into a replay 1080xd.
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  9. I bought the Hero2 Motorsports pack yesterday for $370. Took it for a run today and seemed pretty good.
    There are however a negative points.

    There is no LCD on the back. so it takes alot of stuffing around to get it at the right angle. I mean stuffing around because you have to take the camera out of the housing everytime to access the SD card. in and out, in and out. PITA!

    File size is massive hey. for 8mins of footage the file was 971meg. Had to order a 32gb card.

    Not a fan of the screw attachment that holds the camera on. It is a really tight fit. so you have to use a screwdriver. So very annoying
  10. hrmmm sounds good - i'd be interested if this goes ahead
  11. So when and how do we pay who ?
  12. Shipping estimates at $85 Vlad, so it's not a bad price after all
  13. TBH unless you are using it alot then I really dont see the extra $100+ of value in it compared to what the original Go Pro's are going for. I chose to save the extra money and just stick with the original one!

    You would think so, but because its so new sellers dont seem to be offering good prices on it. $340 would be the best price I have seen so far. I would expect the price will drop down a lil bit in the coming months...

    Also OP keep in mind that you won't be able to ship more than 2-3 of these in the same parcel from the US or you may potentially end up getting charged customs duty and GST for going over the $1000 personal import limit...
  14. I'll pm you the payment details. I will let you know when the gopros arrive and you can pay then before I post it off to you. I ordered on Monday.

    @nathp I'm ordering again in the next week or two and can add one for you.
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  15. Get yourself the LCD screen for the back. Makes this MUCH easier.
  16. Got it today. A big thanks for your efforts !