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GoPro HD Hero 'Help Topic'/ Hints & Tips

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Rogues, May 4, 2011.

  1. thought it might be worthwhile to have a specific help topic/ Hints and Tips for anyone having a query.................or wanting to share experience.

    I have a question: looking to update firmware,
    using Vista, have downloaded to dowloads folder and assume is unzipped as it displays "firmware.bin"

    My query, how do you navigate to the main (root) level of the SD card???
    Can someone explain this to me please.....??
  2. Think the bin file goes onto the card. Boot up & it should update. Check the manual though.

    Connect the camera to the computer & you'll see it in windows explorer to access the root of the card.

    If the card shows up as "d" drive for example, click on it. In the right window pane is the "root".
  3. ok, so I've got 2....DCIM file folder and Misc file folder.......open DCIM and it shows GoPro
    Open that and its got two small vids that I mistakenly took of myself when turning the bluddy thing on](*,)

    The Misc file is empty..............

    Is the DCIM folder where I'm supposed to put 'firmware. Bin ??
  4. if it goes in the root folder, it would go in the same folder that contains the misc and dcim folders.
  5. The root is just the top of the directory tree.

    When you plug in your gopro (or put in the SD card into your computer) it will map as a drive (E:, F: whatever)

    In my computer, click on the drive that is the Gopro or SD card. That is the root. Drop the file in there.

  6. cheers 'Spots...... been there'done that......... as I said was looking to go to the root and how to find on the 'puta,

    'Wokwon... thats eggzackly wot I wanted mate, thanks.......computa for dummies LoL.
  7. OK, I've got a couple of questions. Found my gopro fogged up a couple of times. Any hints to avoid that happening? I know the skeleton housing would work, but I want to maintain the waterproof nature of the case.

    Secondly, it would be nice to have a little pouch maybe with a drawstring to carry the camera around in when not on the bike. Is the case likely to scratch just bouncing around in my pocket or seat bag? Anyone know of a good product?
  8. Brmmm id suggest the same as what helps out a visor.
    Either an aftermarket anti-fog thingy, or smear a bit of something (saliva, vaseline, my personal fav some dishwashing detergent) over the lens/inside the casing.
    Of course, smears arent covered by warranty :p.
  9. Here's my question:
    What's the MINIMUM spec machine to run in order to do basic editing and loading (e.g. To Facebook or YouTube)?
    Abs what's a free/cheap software solution for that low-end rig?
  10. GoPro make antifog strips for the waterproof case that are meant to be great, there are also reports of people putting a few silica crystels in the case. The ones from those little bags in shoe boxes or jacket pockets etc.

    A sunglass pouch was what was recommended to me. Go to the markets buy th $10 oakley knock offs, use the pouch for the Go Pro and you get a free pair of bitchin sunnies to wear when you take your helmet off :)
  11. Gopro sells anti-fog inserts for exactly this purpose. They are little bits of paperish stuff that you sit in the sides of the waterproof case and can use a few times, then dry out in gentle oven.
  12. i read on a camera forum somewhere that a strip of tin (baking) foil will do the same thing as it is cooler and draws the moisture to it..

    To be tested
  13. As a matter of interest, hope it helps somebody.........I tried plugging into the tv for review this morning,
    plugged the Red/Yellow/White directly into additional ports on the side of the tv, changed tv selection to 'AV2'......... and it worked perfectly

    Thought I'd try plugging into the front of my HD Vcr tuner using same plugs.... could not find anything, and..... seemed to have the same prob as expressed by someone else
    camera appeared to jam, would not turn off just wanted to continue running vid although unable to view.........had to pull the plugs and re-insert them into the side of the tv and press the power mode button a few times to stop it..........

    So........ try RCA direct to the tv only..... and change channel selection to AV2
  14. a video editing question from a novice, people....8-[....... Ok, had a lil' play today...... took 22 minutes of vid running the Oxley this morning, and another coming down as well.......w00t!

    Plugged it into the 'puta at home and relived the ride:dance: .....played back brilliantly although some sort of slight ripple effect (not sure wot thats about?)..........

    Anyways, assume I'm going to have to 'split' the 22-23 minutes of vid to get it on Y-tube..... can someone confirm??

    But........main prob seems to be, when I dragged the file over to Windows movie maker, and attempt to play the same run..... audio is there and seems fine but the actual video footage is a bit halting/ stuttery etc... as if it cant keep up with the audio............can someone shed some light, offer a solution.... is this normal in the preview pane prior to finalising the movie?
    Remember to speak in monosyllables to me if you can...:p
    I'm running Vista, and attempting to use the inhouse moviemaker....and ran Gopro on the R3 setting

    taa, Chris
  15. easy answer first...

    In regards to youtube (direct from youtube upload section)

    Videos can be...
    High Definition
    Up to 2 GB in size.
    Up to 15 minutes in length.
    A wide variety of formats

    In regards to the wavy lines (source: http://goprouser.freeforums.org/stickie-understanding-rolling-shutter-t210.html )

    The GoPro uses a CMOS sensor. There are many benefits to using a CMOS type lens sensor, lots of high end HD cameras use them.

    1.Low battery drain.
    2.Minimal purple smearing from direct sun on the lens.
    3.Small size

    One of the draw backs of this type of of sensor is that rapid vertical camera movement will cause wavy lines or "jello effect" to appear in the recorded video, this originates because CMOS sensors have Rolling Shutters. To minimize this, eliminate vibration and camera vertical movement as much as possible. This is true for any CMOS video camera not just a GoPro.

    In regards to the audio/video sync

    Sorry cant help you there
  16. Cheers Nige,,, confirmed my suspicions on 1st and I cant do much about the 2nd....

    just dont wanna bugga up the video footage with the stuttering so dont want to edit it till got some answers hopefully forthcoming..........
  17. Yeah, rolling shutter is a downside. The other way to reduce the effect is to run the camera on the high framerate (WVGA 60fps, 720p 60fps) modes in preference to the 30fps modes, but that may not be possible depending on video size restrictions, viewing angle desired.

    Edit: regarding halting/stuttery video playback, how much RAM does your machine have? Editing high-definition video (especially 1080p) demands relatively large quantities of RAM. Maybe try 720p30 or WVGA and see if it occurs at those resolutions also?
  18. i find if I try and view direct from from the card its choppy...If I copy to PC first its good as :)