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GoPro Digital Hero3 Camera Full Review

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by drewzor, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Good camera

  2. By the way. STOP dumping stuff in General Discussion!!!!!!

    There is a forum for reviews but noooooooooo, lets just dump it in here and let someone else clean up your mess :roll:
  3. sorry, please delete it then
  4. No need to delete it. There are plenty of people here who like to video their rides who may be interested, so I've moved it here.

    Butz. :beer:
  5. Any example videos?
  6. :?
    I thought the topic read: GoPro Digital Hero3 Camera Full Review
    .. and we get .. 'Good camera' ?

    :roll: :LOL:
  7. Must have picked up his ball and gone home to Mamma!!

    Mamma Mamma!!

    Vic's yelling at me!!


    Ta for the review. Very informative....NOT

  8. Sounds good to me.

    Can't be bothered reading through much more than that most of the time anyway.
  9. Was there a reason to revive this thread?
    It'll be flagged for removal now.